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Feb 28, 2007 11:56 PM

Wild American Shrimp? Any markets carry them?

Hi there. I keep hearing that certified Wild American Shrimp or wild caught shrimp has a superior taste to the farmed shrimp that is so readily available out here. Has anyone come across any? I looked online at and they have a few online resources but you have to buy a minimum of 5lbs. which is fine but the shipping is an additional 50+ dollars. Anyway, if anyone has come across any, let me know. Thank you.

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  1. Ocean Garden (OG1) Wild is available all over LA , but only in 5 lb frozen blocks.
    U15 or 16-20wild, are my favorite sizes.

    Lax-C on N. Main (just off Alameda where Phillip's is located)
    G&S in Vernon (323 581 6161) ask for will call.

    1. Thank you. I will check that out. I appreciate it.

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        Off of this subject and on to an older one. Did you ever take your brother out for his taste bud burn out? I recall you had posted back in March about the places with the hottest food to take your chili head of a brother to.

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        1. Bristol Farms carries Gulf Wild Caught Shrimp and so does Pavillions on occassion...


          1. In general, the quality of shrimp, wild or farm-raised, is best if you get it in the frozen blocks. Aside from fresh, as in still kickin', you can't do better... For the fact that they offer their shrimp only in the frozen blocks says alot about them. You may also want to compare it some time with the many frozen shrimp products at places like 99 Ranch - I don't recall the sizes but the amount of choices and prices are amazing. Also, if worse comes to worse, you can buy live - just make sure they're kickin' and not ready to kick...