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Wild American Shrimp? Any markets carry them?

Hi there. I keep hearing that certified Wild American Shrimp or wild caught shrimp has a superior taste to the farmed shrimp that is so readily available out here. Has anyone come across any? I looked online at wildamericanshrimp.com and they have a few online resources but you have to buy a minimum of 5lbs. which is fine but the shipping is an additional 50+ dollars. Anyway, if anyone has come across any, let me know. Thank you.

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  1. Ocean Garden (OG1) Wild is available all over LA , but only in 5 lb frozen blocks.
    U15 or 16-20wild, are my favorite sizes.

    Lax-C on N. Main (just off Alameda where Phillip's is located)
    G&S in Vernon (323 581 6161) ask for will call.

    1. Thank you. I will check that out. I appreciate it.

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        Off of this subject and on to an older one. Did you ever take your brother out for his taste bud burn out? I recall you had posted back in March about the places with the hottest food to take your chili head of a brother to.

      2. Bristol Farms carries Gulf Wild Caught Shrimp and so does Pavillions on occassion...


        1. In general, the quality of shrimp, wild or farm-raised, is best if you get it in the frozen blocks. Aside from fresh, as in still kickin', you can't do better... For the fact that they offer their shrimp only in the frozen blocks says alot about them. You may also want to compare it some time with the many frozen shrimp products at places like 99 Ranch - I don't recall the sizes but the amount of choices and prices are amazing. Also, if worse comes to worse, you can buy live - just make sure they're kickin' and not ready to kick...

          1. Check out your friendly local Albertson's. As they own Bristol, they often but not always have wild caught shrimp & at reasonable prices to boot. If you like unreasonable prices, try Bristol, Whole Foods & Wild Oats, they'll be glad to fleece you.

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              Check it-Whole Foods has Wild Pink Shrimp ON SALE for 17.99/lb. I was tempted until I realized that when in Florida I get the same shrimp for 3 bucks a pound.

            2. I just yesterday bought at WALMART a 5 lb. bag of big beautiful loose frozen wild-caught Gulf of Mexico shrimp, heads off, very clean (virtually no deveining needed), no odor, 18 to 20 to a lb., for just over $5 a lb. (Think the bag was ~$27.)

              I boiled a dozen for lunch today per the good instructions of Chowhounders (thawed in fridg overnight, wiped dry, 3 qts. water w/salt and Old Bay seasoning brought to hard boil and removed from heat, shrimp dropped in for 8-10 min. then into ice water.)

              I'm from Texas and grew up on fresh-caught Gulf shrimp and I've never tasted fresher, firmer, sweeter shrimp than these. And even 25 years ago we thought it a real bargain to get Gulf shrimp this size for $5 a lb.

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                Coming from a shrimping region, you would know your fresh shrimp! I don't know if this even worth a mention, but the farmers market in Santa Barbara was known to sell local-caught shrimp... my sister would bring them down whenever she visited us on a saturday - the day of their farmers market. Now that she is a vegan, well... but anyway, if you're up that way, it might be worth checking out - don't forget your ice chest...

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                  Gulf shrimp really is amazing. And big!

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                    Gulf shrimp are the best in the world, IMO. I'm so tickled with these I think I'll have a dinner party. They're so big and beautiful that 5 of them, garlic-sauteed and arranged on a bed of green chile & cheese grits, would make a nice entree serving. ~100 for $27!

                    Hit Walmart quick! I don't know is this is a special or a reg. item (never seen it before but I've never really looked), but in their good heavy bag they'll keep frozen for ~6 mos. That's lots of good eating.

                    P.S. I said I was from Texas (and I am--born & raised there) but I'm in Maine now, and if we have them in Maine Walmarts they should certainly be in LA Walmarts.

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                      Oh, man. It would be OK to trade gulf shrimp for lobster rolls... Maine rocks for seafood. If it weren't for the snow...

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                        Wash yo mouth out with soap! Don't want to hear the word s_ _w!

                        Maine lobster is the best in the world, too, but while I was eating those Gulf shrimp yesterday I was thinking I still prefer it to lobster..

                        Have you ever see Maine shrimp--little bitty teensy weensy things about the size of your thumbnail? They make great stuffing and sauce for seafood dishes, and I guess they're OK fried and eaten in a shrimp roll, but compared to Gulf shrimp.....sigh.....

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                          Wow. OK, for that shrimp vs. lobster comment you get to keep your Texas card forever!

                          Once it gets hotter out and we start hearing about hurricanes, I invariably get a taste for shrimp grilled with grapefruit. (Am from Florida.)

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                            Tell me about shrimp grilled w/grapefruit. I just happen to have both on hand.

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                    I've had SB local shrimp and it's a completely different animal than Gulf Shrimp. I think they are more similar to rock shrimp of New England...


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                      Oh - I was taking the term literally -
                      Wild (not farm-raised)

                      American (Santa Barbara's in America - although I think the current administration may have their doubts)

                      Shrimp (shrimp)

                      Okay, I get it now...That explains all the Gulf Coast drooling going on... thanks!

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                      I've found the local-caught Santa Barbara shrimp at the Santa Monica farmers market. Delicious!

                  3. I can rarely find them locally at Trader Joe's but have had the best luck purchasing directly from shrimpers online. Service is always good and product is as close to "caught it yourself" as you can get. I usually order ten or so lbs, seperate into usable portions and vacuum seal it for storage. My favorite to deal with, when in season is: http://www.lacrawfish.com/Merchant2/m...

                    1. the only retail listing i saw for california was henry's farmers market


                      "through its certification program, Wild American Shrimp, Inc. certifies products labeled with the distinctive Wild American certification mark, are warm-water shrimp wild-caught from Gulf and South Atlantic waters. “With our new Wild American shrimp certification mark, consumers can be assured that the shrimp they purchase meets standards for U.S. origin, quality and consistency,” said Gordon.

                      Wild American shrimp can be found under popular seafood brands including:
                      · Emeril’s Louisiana Shrimp – fresh-frozen Gulf shrimp
                      · Bumble Bee® – canned shrimp (distributed nationally in major retail grocery stores
                      )· Orleans® – canned shrimp (distributed nationally in major retail grocery stores)
                      · Tony Chachere’s – fresh-frozen shrimp from the popular brand of Louisiana-style food products
                      · Bayou Gold
                      · Scott’s Pride – fresh-frozen Louisiana Gulf shrimp
                      · Sea Pearl – fresh-frozen shrimp
                      · Dominick’s – fresh-frozen shrimp
                      · Caught Fresh – fresh-frozen shrimp

                      Consumers can now look for these Wild American shrimp brands in the frozen seafood department or at their seafood counter in select retail stores including:

                      · Publix, throughout the southeast
                      · A&P, throughout the east coast
                      · Albertson’s, throughout Florida, Louisiana and Texas
                      · Super One, throughout Louisiana and Arkansas
                      · Wal-Mart, throughout Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama
                      · Kroger, throughout Texas
                      · Dierberg’s, St. Louis, Mo"

                      1. Fish King in Glendale sometimes has fresh, wild caught Santa Barbara shrimp. It's great stuff, but call ahead to see if they've got it.

                        1. there are (broadly speaking) 2 kinds of california shrimp you'll find at the market. the first, as dommy so rightly reports, is a kind of rock shrimp. it is fairly small, the shell is hard and fairly sharp (watch those fingers!) and the color after cooking is cream with a very pretty pink tinge. the other is the spot prawn. these are huge and have really terrific flavor, but must be selected VERY carefully. there is an enzyme sac in the head and as soon as the prawn dies, it floods through the body, softening the flesh. theoretically, if the shrimp is headed or frozen in time, this doesn't happen. but i've had enough bad experiences (at high prices) that i only buy them any more if i can find them live.

                          1. I just bought some gorgeous, practically alive santa barbara shrimp from santa monica seafood for an arm and a leg. Heads and all.

                            1. I just bought wild american shrimp at Vons Hollywood. I haven't cooked them yet, so dont know how they are, but they are on sale cheap.