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Feb 28, 2007 09:26 PM

culver city bakeries?

looking for a great bakery or dessert places where I can buy great pastries/desserts..or anything good for a casual gift. I will be near downtown culver city. thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Are you talking downtown CC, or in the general area of CC, which can be very very wide - from La Cienega to Lincoln Blvd! The latter could include alot of choices... however, if you mean downtown, the first place that comes to mind is Grand Casino on Main street. It's Argentinian so you can expect the empandas but they are baked, not fried, so they are much lighter. They always have a great selection of cookies, pastries, and cakes in their case, and they usually have clear plastic "clamshell" containers of alfajores and baskets ready to go... if you like dulce de leche, then this is the place... most of their patrons are from the homeland as well... this has to be worth something...

    1. My friend got me a birthday cake from Angel Maid, and everyone thought it was Delish!!

      Angel Maid Bakery
      4538 S Centinela Ave
      Los Angeles, CA 90066
      (310) 915-2078

      1. Bluebird Bakery
        8572 National Blvd
        Culver City, CA 90232
        (310) 841-0939

        Cafe Surfas
        8777 Washington Blvd
        Culver City, CA 90232
        (310) 558-1458

        1. For what it is worth a recent banana cannelle purchased at Surfas was so bad (reeked of artificial flavoring) that I have strongly suggested ritual suicide by the "pastry chef." I do not recommend.

          1. All of the above. Really depends on what you want.
            I'll add another option: The Essential Chocolate Collection for realllly good brownies.