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Best Muffins?

Maybe this has been done before, but I would be willing to travel the entire island for the best muffins. Any thoughts?

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  1. Bouchon Bakery, Time Warner Center

    1. i have never once had a muffin that i thought was the best, or even that good really. i always feel like you just have to deal with whatever muffin a particular diner or wherever is pushing. that being said, i have yet to try one from bouchon. have had some of their pastires and theyre wonderful, tho. i have to say also that the toppings that bouchon heap upon their sizable muffins do look tasty.

      1. place on 5th avenue one or two blocks from Flatbush....all they d is muffins pretty much,, you won't be disappointed

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          Blue Sky Bakery! Yes! The best, freshest, most interesting-ingredient-filled mufffins I've truly ever had. They bake them all day long, so you're pretty much guaranteed something warm, fresh and fluffy, packed with peaches or raspberries or any number of other treats. Good call!

        2. I can honestly tell you I have never been wowed by a muffin until I tried a chocolate chunk muffin at Silver Moon bakery on the UWS. I literally put it in my mouth and thought "this is the best muffin I have ever had". This was actually a while ago, so I'm not sure what the muffin situation is currently.

          Le Pain Quotidien has pretty good muffins as well. There is also a place in Grand Central, but I can't for the life of me remember the name. It's a breakfasty place. I'll try to find it.

          1. Sarabeth's makes some good ones - I like the pumpkin and the bran. They are also pleasantly dainty, which makes for a nice change from the deli behemoths!

            1. Arte Cafe on 73rd and Columbus has very good whole wheat muffins; scones. Their white muffins can be pasty. I would travel to get them. Oren's coffee has great pumpkin muffins as does 71 Irving Place -- probably one of the more authentic coffee spots on the island.

              1. If you are literally willing to travel the entire "island" try Stuff N Bagels in Oceanside (Long Island). Their muffins are the best, and I commute all around NYC. I am a muffin man.

                1. We always stock up on Briermier's muffins when ever we go to Long Island. They are in Riverhead. The blueberry muffin is about 50% blueberries and not terribly sweet. So delicious and simple. The corn muffin has forced me into a search for a recipe since I have never found one as good. The recipe for corn muffins in The New Best Recipe is as close as I have come. But one of the things that makes their corn muffins transcendent, is eating them with Briermeir's strawberry jam. The ingredient list? Strawberries and sugar.

                  1. Willing to travel to Brooklyn? Li'l Miss Muffin & Her Stuffin', right outside the 7th Ave. B/Q stop in Park Slope. Delicious! And good Jamaican beef patties too...

                    1. If you like the "healthy" varieties, go to the greenmarket on Saturday afternoons at 69th and Broadway. One of the booths is Meredith's Bakery from somewhere upstate, and they make an excellent muffin called "Health Bread Muffin" for $1.50. You can also get it in loaf form for something like $4.

                      Dollop on some cream cheese to even out the healthy aspects :)

                      1. Blue Sky Bakery in Park Slope--on 5th Ave, near Flatbush. Their muffins are delicious! filled with fresh fruit- different everyday. Even the bran muffins are good (and normally not a fan...). They also sell at a few places in the city, such as Joe's Coffee in the West Village...but they are truly the best when they come fresh out of the oven at Blue Sky...

                        1. Will you travel to Brooklyn? Blue Sky Bakery on 5th Avenue has the best I've ever had, and I'm a major muffin researcher. They're baked fresh all day, so chances are you'll get a peach-raspberry or orange-carrot fresh out of the oven. They're tender and fluffy and outrageous.

                          1. Buttercup Bakery - Strawberry Muffin

                            1. Blue Sky Bakery in Park Slope - near Bergen street and 5th avenue. Amazingly fresh and delicious muffins - with fresh raspberries, apricot etc.... They keep coming out of the oven - so get them while they are hot. They always have interesting combinations. Well worth the trip.

                              1. I'm striking out on muffins in nyc. Tried Bouchon, Silver Moon, City Bakery, Sarabeth's, countless others. The four bakeries I mention are good bakeries, and their muffins are fine, while different, but none make me swoon. I will try Blue Sky out in Brooklyn the next chance I get.

                                Anyone remember Michael's Muffins from the early/mid 90's? There was one on 7th Avenue in Chelsea and another in the financial district. For me, these were the gold standard. Always fresh, with a BIG crunch on the outside, moist and delicious inside. It was hugely popular, but just disappeared suddenly. I have not had a muffin that even came close to theirs since they closed.

                                1. I still crave those gigantic chocolate chip muffins from Applebaum's Deli catty-corners from the Garden. Are there any muffins like them anywhere in the city?