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Feb 28, 2007 09:05 PM

Looking for a decent burrito in NY. ANyone have any suggestions.

New to the city and am surprised that I haven't yest found anything decent. Was wondering if I was just missing soemthing?

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  1. I like cosmic cantina on 3rd ave in east village.

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    1. re: besmircher

      ok i hit up cosmic cantina last night and I have to withdraw my comment. the place seems to have changed. i remember a burrito bursting with fresh organic ingredients. my burrito last night was a wimpy burritoville imitation. they did make my burrito in a corn tortilla though as requested. anyway, cosmic cantina has gone downhill. i'm on the hunt for a decent burrito now too...

    2. hey al4134,
      it's the million dollar question from anyone that comes from a border state or chicago...i've lived here for 9 years and haven't found anything as great as the burritos i grew up with in the bay area. there have been many discussions about this on the board so i won't rant about it here.

      as a result, my standards have lowered and when i'm in manhattan, i've found myself moderately satisfied with Burritoville, which can actually roll a burrito the right way--however, like many new york joints they don't use mexican (tomato) rice.

      if you find yourself in williamsburg, check out loco burrito. there are 3 locations now and i make it a point to eat there when i'm in the neighborhood. they're the closest thing i've had to a real burrito--plus they use mexican rice!

      they also have real mexicans making food--not sure if you noticed, but many places are owned by chinese restauranteurs, which is kinda funny.

      here's a link to a review by FreeWilliamsburg--ironically, it received many bad reviews except by users originally from states that know good mexican food.

      1. I like Downtown Bakery on 1st Avenue. I'm also a big fan of the Calexico cart that parks on Wooster in Soho on weekdays, but I haven't seen them in a while - maybe they've closed for the winter? I hope they come back.

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        1. re: Katherine H

          yes, the calexico cart has decent burritos by nyc standards. northeast corner of wooster and prince streets, from about 11am until 3pm or so. weekdays only.

        2. In my opinion, the one and only worthy burrito in this city is Cosmic Cantina on 3rd ave between 13th and 14th. burritoville, benny's, harry's, do not compare.

          1. i've only had horrible, over-priced experiences at Cosmic Cantina...though perhaps it was just bad luck. yes, please do avoid benny's and harry's. both are nasty and will make you want to move back home.

            pleae note, if you eat burritoville so soon after moving here, you'll hate it, too. but give it a year when your standards (and hopes) and gone down the drain.