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Feb 28, 2007 08:19 PM

Great sushi around 42nd & 9th?

We're going to Art Expo (at the Javits Center) this Sunday and I want to find somewhere for dinner afterwards .I will likely be parking at 42nd and 9th or somewhere nearby, so a restaurant on 9th Avenue would be nice. Its my son's birthday and he likes sushi, so someplace really good (well, at least better than what I get in northern Westchester, but reasonably priced) would be great. They also have to have good cooked food for my wife. Any suggestions??

If not, then how about other suggestions for good values? Ethnic is ok, although if it's too unusual I will likely have a hard sell with my family.


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  1. I think the best sushi in that area is Shimizu which is on 51st between 8th & 9th Avenues. They do have a good cooked menu as well and are quite reasonable.

    1. i have never been to simizu but i live in the area and i don't think any of the sushi qualifies as "great." however, i had sushi at pacific echo last night (56th between 8th and bdwy) and it was, to my relief, definately above average. at least half of their dishes were cooked. sushi prices were very reasonable. cooked prices ranged from $13-$21. check for the menu with pricing.

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        Thanks. I went back and tried to change "great" to 'really good" but you can't change titles here after the fact :-(.

      2. hmmm...a bit pricey, but maybe you could go the Esca route...Absolutely famous (and rightfully so) for their Crudo (raw fish selections in the Italian style - sorry if that's obvious) plus your wife could have an excellent cooked meal...Great service, refined but not hushed atmosphere and wonderful food and it is at 43rd and 9th avenue...

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          Thanks.. I know about Esca and checked out the menu. I'm not sure my son would appreciate it as much as some really good sushi.

        2. This is far so probably out of consideration but Yasuda is 43rd and 2nd. Sit in front of Yasuda and it will be the best sushi you have ever had.

          Probably too expensive though but seriously worth the splurge and the walk.

          1. Well, in the end we decided to skip sushi, and ended up at Hells Kitchen, which is sort of like fusion Mexican. It was excellent, I'd highly recommend it.

            I had considered Esca and Becco. I'm glad we skipped Esca, because when we walked past I noticed that the prices were 20% higher than the menu they have on their website. Hells Kitchen was very reasonable. $8-10 appetizers, $18-22 entrees (at least for what we got) and $7 desserts. We all enjoyed it, even my son.