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dishwashers:Bosch?? Miele?? Asko??

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do you own these imports?? pros and cons??

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  1. I've owned a Miele for the last three years. Very quiet, does an excellent job of cleaning, has a well-designed system of adjustable trays/racks. The cycle time is rather long, which is not a problem for us. I've had no maintenance problems whatsoever; after I removed the plug the installer left in the drain line, that is.

    1. We have had a Bosch for 5 years and have had absolutely no problems. Very quiet and very reliable. What I can tell you , with information from a friend of mine who is in the appliance cervice business, is that if repairs are needed the parts are expensive and because of the way they are constructed some components are difficult to get at and service or replace and that means more time and money.

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        what detergant and rinse aide do you use? i just purchased a Bosch dishwasher. Thanks

      2. I like my Bosch! 6 years old, no issues

        1. The Bosch Model SHU66C0 is rated #1 on Consumer Reports new list for dishwashers. Quoted at $880. This model is also listed t #4 on CR's "Greener Choices" for energy efficiency. Also, J.D. Power and Associates ranked Bosch "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Dishwashers."

          The Miele has an ok rating as well but it's number 11 on the list. It's quoted at $1550.

          IMO, there is absolutely 100% no question. I'd buy the Bosch... :-)

          1. Remodeled 8 years ago and put in an Asko dishwasher. It has been outstanding, never been touched by a repairman. It's super quiet and delivers sparkling dishes and glassware. All the controls are on the inside lip (top) of the door, nothing external. Stainless inside and out. If we every remodel again (at another house as we are thinking of moving for retirement) I'd buy another Asko in a minute.

            1. Throw a vote in for the Miele. I have the flush-mounted with the panel on the front so it is hidden.

              It is so quiet that i sometime put my ear next to it to see if it is on. Dishes come out fantastically clean. It has several cycles to choose from, heats the water to very hot and has worked like a charm for 5 years.

              The silverware holder is not the vertical kind found on many but has a separate rack way up on top where the utensils lay flat. No clanging of forks during the cycle and the rack comes out, carry to the silverware drawer and easy out.

              The only downside if you consider it a downside is that it really wants to preform and the total cycle time is very long, the upside to this point is that the dishes are clean, clean, clean.

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                Yes the regular cycle times (even the "economy" one) are a bit long but I often use the "short" cycle which is for parties and dishes that need just a minimal go-over.

                The main reason I got the Miele over the Bosch was that the Bosch was just a 1/4" or so too tall to fit where my old dishwasher went. I discovered this the hard way. After going through the exchange hassle the Miele fit perfectly and I'm very happy with it, despite the higher price.

              2. Does anyone care about saving $670 and a #1 rating in Consumer Reports? Just wondering... If money is no object, I can give you my address an I'll gladly accept a check for $670.

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                  How long have you owned your Bosch and how do you like it?

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                    Actually I do not own a Bosch. I live as a renter currently looking for my first house! :-) I'm relaying info from Consumer Reports. I can guarantee that if I see a product at the #1 spot and another product in the #11 spot, and that #11 product costs $670 more, I would not hesitate to buy the better rated product at a lower price. In fact, the points made about noise is what Bosch really excelled in compared to the Miele.

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                    you need to make sure you compare apples and apples. Number of cycles on a Bosch from 4 to 6 will double the price.

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                      Good point - but we're still running with the Consumer Reports rating of #1. What's an extra 2 cycles if it doesn't need it?

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                        I have no experience with Bosch, but from everything I've heard I have no doubt they make a wonderful product, perhaps even the best product. Consumer Reports, on the other hand, I wouldn't believe if they told me the sun was going to rise in the morning.

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                          Eh, Consumer Reports isn't perfect, but dishwashers I think they can test pretty well still. That said, once everything cleans okay, it comes down to feature sets which can be fairly subjective. CR can try to take things that are subjective and make them objective, but they won't work for everyone.

                          Personally, I wouldn't spend $880 for the top-rated Bosch when the $580 low-end Bosch cleans just as well and is just as or very close to as quiet, within a dB or two. It isn't stainless front and doesn't have hidden controls, and those are a big portion of the price differences at these levels. I don't care about those differences, so I save another $300 (and that was just as a starting point, it went down from there).

                          But, if the budget is for my personal absolute favorite features in a dishwasher, and I can spend $1000+, I would not restrict myself to just the Bosch because others were ranked lower in the list by CR. By most accounts I've heard, Askos and Mieles also work well. Are they worth the extra? I'd say there's no objective answer to that; instead it depends upon the individual tastes and situations. There are exceptions to everything as well. Someone replaced their Miele with a Bosch. Some people haven't liked their Boschs.

                          Hell, CR says (and I know I read it several times when I was shopping, plus other sources) that a certain $300 Amana cleans as well as all of these, but it's loud and has nothing in the way of added convenience features. I considered but ultimately decided not to go that cheap, even though in this house the cheapo really wouldn't be out of place at all. I had to go at least a bit quieter, had a fiasco with Sears trying to get a Kenmore, and ended up with the Bosch from Lowe's.

                  3. I have ownwd a Bosch for one yr. Personally, it is very quiet and gets the dishes very clean. I think the drying cycle could be better.
                    I had 3 GE's prior to this, they weren't as quiet, but the job was the same, the drying was better.

                    1. I've had an Asko, cheaper of the line with the controls on the outside, it was around $600, 5 years ago. Works great, no problems.

                      1. I have had Bosch dishwashers for 15 years. One each in 2 different houses. TOP NOTCH. Quiet, efficient, good on electricity.

                        Never had to call a repairman.

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                          anyone tell me what dish detrgant and rinse aid to use with the Bosch? just got it Thanks

                        2. Had a Bosch, now have a Miele (different houses). Both are great, Miele is much quieter.

                          1. I've had the top of the line Bosch DW for three and a half years. Pros -- no heater coil, uses very hot water, and is very, very quiet. It cleans almost everything well, every time, and we fill it up as much as we can. Cons -- ours has really been prone to maintenance problems. Have replaced four "boards" that just die and cause the controls to stop, and one circulation pump. According to the independent repair company who fixes these things under our extended warranty, this would have cost us hundreds of dollars each time. Worse -- these issues have been common with these dishwashers, according to them. It makes me think another brand would be a better choice. The last major repair involved deinstalling the DW and having it worked on back at the service depot, and I was without my DW for two weeks during a pretty inconvenient time (houseguests). I would probably try another brand next time as long as it is as quiet as the Bosch. Lack of noise was our primary goal when we purchased it, and it remains what we think is most important. Does the Miele run quietly too?.

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                              I just got a Miele dishwasher, so I can't compare it to any other, but it is very quiet. Good thing, too, because we don't have a cabinet around it - it's open on two sides because it's next to a radiator and in front of an odd-shaped window. (There's a countertop above it that "encloses" it, but sound travels through the radiator opening and window/wall.)

                              I can hear it running, but just barely. If it was completely enclosed, I probably wouldn't hear it at all. The noisiest bit is when the water drains into the sink drain (we have ancient plumbing).

                              And I love love love my Miele dishwasher. I don't regret one penny of the very high price.


                            2. In my experience you don't want a Miele dishwasher. Paid a premium price, for what I thought was a premium product. It is quiet I will give them that, but I have had more problems with my Meile dishwasher I have had for 4 years that I have had with the one I replaced which l had for 15 years. They are awful at service, you can only repair through Miele, a minimum charge of $199 dollars, plus parts, and it take a minimum of 2 weeks to get a service technion out to them. The last service issue I had I waited 3 weeks to get it repaired as they often don't stock parts in and have to order everything in. Beyond the service our dishwasher doesn't even wash well, spots, murky dishes, as they only wanted us to use their approved dish detergent. After getting frustrated with that finally used what we thought was best and have better results but not any better than most main dishwashers. Final observations, premium price, for average or below product, for worst customer service and Tech service in the business.

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                                I have had a Miele dishwasher for about 10 years and just purchased a La Perla II recently.

                                Best dishwasher out there IMO and JD Powers agrees as Miele is top rated for the last 2 years. Before that sample size was not large enough to get Miele DWers into ratings..

                                Cleans better than any dishwasher I have ever had. Don't know about service because I have never used it.

                                Yes, for best result use Miele/Somat detergent and salt and follow directions. If you don't want best results or don't want to pay for Miele/Somat detergent/salt why buy Miele DW?

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                                  I'm surprised that a four-year-old Miele already has service issues. Bummer!

                                  Me, four years later, I still love my Miele dishwasher. No trouble, great washing, and it's still relatively quiet. (It's in an "open" cabinet, so I can hear it running, but it's not at all loud; more like a comforting swishy hum, plus a gurgle or two as the water runs down the sink drain - we have a nonstandard hookup because of our tiny old house.) Based on my experience, I'd recommend Miele.

                                2. I've had my Bosch for 6.5 years--I think it was ~$800, not the top model but maybe the next one down. I would buy another Bosch without even shopping around. I'm reminded of how great it is every time I experience someone elses' crappy one. It uses about 1/3 the amount of soap as any other I've used (it only has one soap container vs. two and I only have to fill that half full), never fails to get the dishes sparkling clean and is very, very quiet. The other huge bonus in my book is that it doesn't have a heating element for drying so you can put plastic in anywhere without worrying about it. Some people complain about this difference because it doesn't always get the plasticware perfectly dry, but I say so what.
                                  I'm not sure if it's still relevant, but when I was shopping, the Euro brands were all shallower than American brands by a couple of inches.

                                  1. ??? My re-ply: restaurant supply store(s)...

                                    1. Our Bosch is 6 years old. At the time of purchase it was one of the lower end Bosch models (it has 4 cycles and the cost was just under $600). We have it installed at the end of an island and since the unit is exposed on 3 sides it's not quiet. I'm sure it would be much quieter if it was surrounded by cabinets or a wall and only exposed on the door side. The sound doesn't really bother me.

                                      My only issue with our Bosch is the condensation drying. Most items on the bottom rack dry fairly well, but top rack items do not dry at all. Our top rack is filled mostly with plastic food containers and mugs. When I unload the top rack, I have to carefully remove the items so that I don't drip water everywhere. I shake out the excess water over the sink then I towel dry the items. I found out a co-worker does the exact same thing with her higher end Bosch so it's not just my unit. YMMV depending on what you put on the top rack.