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Feb 28, 2007 08:01 PM

Visitor-4 days in S.Fe/Alb...where to eat???

Help everyone! I am a vegetarian who loves Southwestern food (anything with chiles...yum...enchiladas...sopapillas...) who will be traveling around the Santa Fe, Albuquerque and maybe Taos area in a few weeks. Would love to go to traditional places, local faves, holes in the wall with good grub, whatever. I love breakfast in particular. If you have a few "must eat" places for an Angeleno traveling through, please pass them on!!! THANKS!

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  1. In Albuquerque, Frontier is definitely a "must eat." For breakfast, you really can't beat their breakfast burrito with green (or red, or both) chile, and a hot Frontier sweet roll.

    1. Thanks Gina--that burrito sounds awesome...and I saw a pic of Frontier in a travel book---looks cute. THANKS!

      1. Don't miss Dragonfly Cafe for the best breakfast and lunch in Taos. Forget about the ever popular Michaels nextdoor, It's very over rated.

        Harrys' Roadhouse gets my vote for best breakfast in Santa Fe.

        Barelas Coffee House has a great New Mexican breakfast in Albuquerque

        1. Garcia's is an Albuquerque chain with great breakfasts and great tortillas, plus they're really cheap. The one on West Central and the one on lower Fourth Street (at Mountain) are probably the best,