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Dinner near the 92nd St. Y

Not my 'hood. Suggestions? Prefer >$50 pp, any cuisine ok except for heavily carnivorous stuff.

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      Thanks, I saw those. The most recent post is from last August. I was hoping for more current info.

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        From my perspective, a lot of the recs are still good - I don't think the scene has changed much lately, other than the move of Joanna's to the corner of 92nd & Madison. I live right in the neighborhood.

    2. I just ate at Peri Ela on 91/Lex. Really delicious turkish and quite a pretty place. Had a bunch of the small plate which ran around $8 per plate. No liquor license yet but wine store next door. It's pretty small and filled up by 7pm on a weeknight.

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        Thanks for that rec - I've not heard of it - will have to check out.

      2. I know you didn't want "heavily carnivorous stuff," but I'll still throw in a rec for Ottomanelli New York Grill...Lex at 93rd.


          1. Peri Ela, the turkish place, just opened a few weeks ago. It is really cute and the owners are really nice. A friend also just had a great meal at Itzocan Bistro, 101st and Lex. Yura, the UES cupcake czarina, is about to open a new restaurant on Madison near 92nd, I think it is going to be called "Square Meal" or something like that, and should be open in the next week or so.

            1. Many thanks, all. Very helpful.

              1. definitely try sfoglia - it is excellent!

                1. There is a place called Good Food I think at Lex and 100th or so, they had good fish and chip and other seafood dishes.

                  Pio Pio at 1st betw. 90th and 91st has excellent roasted chicken and would be about $50 for both of you.

                  1. Vico, definitely. I also like the Italian place on 87th and Lex.

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                      I also like Vico - but note that they only take cash, check or house account.

                    2. Bella Cucina Lex and 87th. Although the best meal in the UES (i live in east harlem) is at Sharz on 86th btw 1st and York. Everything on the menu is fantastic (especially their panko encrusted swordfish). Great and friendly service too. A bit out of the way from the 92nd st Y, but well worth it. Closer to the Y, Ottomanelli is a good choice for no-frills and huge portions. Or there's the Barking Dog on 94th and 3rd. Its a chain, but very consistent.

                      Hope that helps!

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                        Is Sharz really good? I have walked by that place for 3 years now and never tried it. The menu never looked interesting and always looks filled with senior citizens.

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                          Yeah Sharz is great. Typically we're the youngest people in there because the place is more subdued. But the food is fantastic. The seniors only go because of the specials ($19.95 three course meal), and the fact that its off the beaten bar path of 2nd and 3rd avenues. They have this upstairs party room that looks really cool.

                      2. How could I forget - Kurios - on 92nd between 1st & 2nd - it is really excellent and a bit of an unsung gem.

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                          MMRuth, Can you tell me about Kurios? My daughter's boyfriend lives in that neighborhood, and they are always looking for excellent restaurants. (I told them about Peri Ela, and I think they're going to try it tonight.)

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                            We've been twice - and I just realized when searching that it is Kurio - sorry. Here's a link to a review from last October of mine - it was just as good the second time:


                            Here's David Feldman's 2003 review:


                            And his Sept. 2006 post from which I learned about it.


                            I've got to run to attend to a roast in the oven - but, in brief, it's a hidden gem, quiet, unpretentious, wonderful and interesting food, lovely service.

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                              Thanks so much for those links. I'm going to pass them on to my daughter and the boyfriend. When we go to dinner with them, it's usually in our neighborhood, not his. But Kurio sounds so terrific -- just the kind of place we like -- that I think my husband and I should trek up there and all go there together. I'm sure the young'uns won't mind a bit since it's always our treat. lol

                              Hope that roast turns out well. Enjoy!

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                                I think it would be worth the "trek"! Not sure about this roast - but that's a post for the HC Board - I'll do post mortem of this Batali recipe!

                        2. I was very dissapointed with Kurio. Went there because everyone raved, and was overwhelmingly underwhelmed. The food was fresh, but nothing stood out. The drinks were strong. But again, nothing too exciting. And the service was very slow until everything came out all at once.

                          1. Sfoglia is super but a tough reservation
                            Cafe des Alsaces at 88th /2nd is loud but authentic and wonderful
                            Found Peri Ela boring and expensive for what they served

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                              There's a nice review of Sfoglia in the Times today.

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                                Funny thing - our last experience at Sfoglia (late summer) was like the disappointing one - also around that time - described in the NYT review (except for the bread which is consistently terrific) - so much so that we took it off our personal restaurant list - we had gone there right after it opened and liked it; sounds like they've gotten back on track. OTOH, I think the owners may split their time between NYC and Nantucket; maybe the place just degrades when they're not around - like in the summer when they're most likely up in Massachusetts?

                                Based on the review, service is still hit or miss, but it sounds like the best bet is to go there for lunch in the Nantucket off-season...

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                                Food is good at cafe des Alscaces. Drinks, service, not so much.

                              3. Sfoglia - 1402 Lexington Ave. @ 92nd St. www.sfogliarestaurant.com 212-831-1402
                                Great Italian food, they own a restaurant in Nantucket.