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Feb 28, 2007 07:40 PM

great restaurant in Portland needed

Will only be in Portland for one day next week. We need a nice restaurant with good food and good atmosphere.

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  1. There are SO many nice restaurants with good food and atmosphere in Portland!
    Maybe you could narrow it down a bit, by kind of food or budget or something?

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      We love fish, Asian, italian, etc. anything, but not steak/meat. budget is not an issue. We would like a fun atmosphere. We are from NYC and are in Portland only for 6 hours in the evening.

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      1. Filbert's, my personal fave

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          1. I agree with extramsg, Wildwood has a very nice atmosphere..
            Higgins can be great too and Paleys Place, always recommended.
            I love Fenouil..
            Then there are the Italian places, Fratellis and Giorgios and Tuscany Grill and Serrato. .. I am one of the only people in Portland, I think, that does not like Bastas.
            Good good Asian food- Silk and Typhoon on Broadway ..Hiroshi and Sinju and Sungari Pearl.