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Feb 28, 2007 06:14 PM

Considering Circulon

We're considering the 11 piece Circulon Commerical cookware set that's now on sale at Costco (for $159.99 with the coupon until March 4). (I am hardly a gourmet cook, but rather a practical working woman who wants a decent set of cookware.) Would anyone with some epxerience with this cookware please share your experiences? Thanks! MPK

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  1. I don't like the ridges. I don't understand why they make them with the grooves, you can't stir smoothly and it's not easy to clean. We were given one but gave it away after using it.

    1. If you are at Cosco - check out their Kirkland line of cookware - I have the anodized aluminum set and like it a lot - it was Consumer Reports recommended set - also their Stainless Steel set looks good as well - bot are reasonably priced - in the same range as the circulon and are well made -

      1. I have the Costco anodized set and it is very nice. I considered the Circulon but as one poster mentioned above, why the ridges? Even with the discount on Circulon I'd go for the Kirkland brand instead. It's very good quality.

        1. I've had Circulon since my wedding (almost 9 years), and I really like it. My mother and sister also have it, and like it also. None of us are gourmet cooks either. I have replaced 1 piece in all this time, because it was my most frequently used piece. There are some foods I do not cook on my circulon however, things such as fried eggs - not so good on the ridges. The newer sets do have less pronounced ridges - when I replaced my large sauteusse (sp?) I got the one from the pro collection and the ridges are barely there.
          I do not have any difficulties cleaning it, or at least nothing I wouldn't experience with other cookware. The sets include a little brush to clean it with - I hardly use that, I just use my regular dish brush b/c the handle is longer.