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Working too hard, need a great Saturday lunch

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What would you suggest? Boston and environs are fine....looking for a first rate experience. Can be shmancy. All cuisines are welcome.

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  1. A lot of lunch options on Saturday become brunch. Some thoughts:

    Pops -- new, great looking, reasonably priced New American/Eclectic place in the South End with a lunch-y brunch menu.

    Bristol -- lobby restaurant of the Four Seasons with a great lunch menu, not too exorbitant.

    Cafe at the Taj (fka the old Ritz) -- still doing the traditional New England brunch menu, with a lot of lunch items. Actually pretty fairly priced.

    Sel de la Terre -- waterfront Country French, a lunch-tilting brunch menu, very nice.

    Beacon Hill Bistro -- a good lunch on Saturday, more American than its French dinner menu, good prices for Beacon Hill.

    La Brace -- Italian chop house in the North End, fine grilled steaks, chops, and fish, excellent pastas and seafood, mid-priced.

    1. Reef Cafe for Lebanese -- try the dishes with their amazing garlic paste. Very inexpensive, but first-rate no less.

      New Shanghai or Shanghai Gate for classic dou jiang (soy bean milk) and you tiao (fried crullers) along with little dishes of Shanghainese appetizers, I like the shen1 jian1 bao1/pan fried dumplings.

      Volle Nolle for sandwiches (I like them all) or oatmeal with grilled bananas, candied walnuts and blackcurrants.

      1. This is going to be another crazy open-ended thread with 100+ listings. Anyway, I'd go to Eastern Standard for a reward-myself lunch. Actually I deserve such a lunch after I end this miserable diet.

        1. do one of the cooking class/lunch combos. there is one on saturday march 10 at radius.
          I like Sel de la Terre, Les Zyg, and Union (brunch on Saturdays) for lunch as well.

          1. I'm up for a nice Saturday lunch tomorrow too, and we've decided to go to Restaurant L in Louis Boston on Newbury. The lunch menu looks good. Anyone have any input?

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              have they reopened? I though they were under renovation till mid march...

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                Thanks for the tip! I'll call first.

              1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. We had been to many before (and agree they are great). We decided to try Pops. What a wonderful lunch we had in their garden room. The place is lovely with a New Orleans feel to it. That feel was continued through the Bloody Marys, which were terrifically spiced and contained okra and a "hot" string bean. I had scrambled eggs with avocado and smoked salmon. It was served molded and stacked - round eggs on the bottom, layer of avocado and topped with the salmon. A gustatory and visual delight. My husband had a tasty and expertly prepared potato and garlic omelette. We got sides of chorizo patties (a bit greasy), and corn muffins.

                I think they are off to an impressive start. The staff seems very eager to please and working very hard to provide a good time. They succeeded well.