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Feb 28, 2007 06:05 PM

What to order at Virgil's BBQ Restaurant?

I am in the mood for some barbeque and see that is was voted City's Best on AOL Cityguide. I have heard some mixed reviews and some people don't like it because it is a chain. That won't phase me though. What is good here and worth ordering--Ribs, pulled pork, brisket?

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  1. the pulled pork is pretty good. corn bread and baked bean sides are also good. the major, unexpected surprise is the more than decent house beer. don't get me wrong, none of this stuff will blow you away but it shouldn't disappoint either. service is polite and competent. sit downstairs if you can.

    1. I had the beef brisket sandwich every time I wsent and it was very good,

      1. In all honesty, I know it doesn't help much, get everything you can, I've always loved the food there. The ribs have always been my favorite.

        1. Thanks for the advice guys....

          1. I'm a big fan of their brisket sandwich special. The cheese and sauce make it for me.