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What to order at Virgil's BBQ Restaurant?

I am in the mood for some barbeque and see that is was voted City's Best on AOL Cityguide. I have heard some mixed reviews and some people don't like it because it is a chain. That won't phase me though. What is good here and worth ordering--Ribs, pulled pork, brisket?

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  1. the pulled pork is pretty good. corn bread and baked bean sides are also good. the major, unexpected surprise is the more than decent house beer. don't get me wrong, none of this stuff will blow you away but it shouldn't disappoint either. service is polite and competent. sit downstairs if you can.

    1. I had the beef brisket sandwich every time I wsent and it was very good,

      1. In all honesty, I know it doesn't help much, get everything you can, I've always loved the food there. The ribs have always been my favorite.

        1. Thanks for the advice guys....

          1. I'm a big fan of their brisket sandwich special. The cheese and sauce make it for me.

            1. The lamb, the onion rings, the Anchor Steam draft are all good...and actually, while Virgil's is owned by the folks who own Ollie's (there are several) and Carmine's (there are 2), it's the only Virgil's in the group. Not a chain in my book.

              1. Here's what you do: Order the pigout platter and share! It contains ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken and a hot sausage. If there is someting you don't want, ask them if you can more ribs instead of the _____. It's huge, we've always had leftovers to take home. And cheap--it's something like $23 or $24--only $12 per person. The ice tea and lemonage are refillable, too.

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                  Exactly! Why pick just one? Get the Pigout and enjoy the leftovers for a few days. The only thing that bums me about the Pigout is that they pretty much give you a bit of every smoked meat they offer....except the Owensboro Lamb. And they won't substitute.

                  I also really like the chili and BBQ Wings.

                  It won't be the best BBQ you ever have, but it's pretty good.

                2. i usually get the pigout platter. im fine with virgils but the food is a bit on the oily and spicy side...not my ideal bbq.

                  their mac and cheese is good.

                  1. I love the hush puppies. They're a great way to start off the meal.

                    1. The ribs and pulled pork sandwich are my faves. I did find the brisket to be rather dry, though.

                      1. only thing ive ever ordered are the mashed potatoes-- but they are insanely good

                        1. I will be eating there alone though so the pigout platter is a bit much. I think I am gunna go with the 2 meat platter- Ribs and Pork or Brisket (Whichever I am in the mood for/which is better?). And you get two sides. WHat do you recommend for the sides? Just looking I probably will go with the mac and cheese for sure. With they let you get hush puppies for a side or no because it is not listed under sides?

                          1. I like Virgils and usually get the pork ribs. I found the beef ribs too dry. The sides are pretty good...greens are a good choice.

                            1. I think the grilled chicken wings are the best dish on the menu. Maybe get a double-order (it's an appetizer) and some fries and call it a meal. Do get there REALLY early or after 7:45, or you risk getting crushed by the theater rush.

                              1. Here's a second vote for the hush puppies. The maple butter it's served with is also delicious. Although this may sound completely crazy (salad at a BBQ place!), I love the Savannah Salad at Virgil's. It's by no means dainty or lacking in calories or have any redeeming healthful qualities, but it's really good. I used to work on this block and a takeout order of hush puppies and Savannah Salad was my idea of the perfect comfort food lunch.

                                1. carolina pulled pork plate is great, but the secret surprise is the grilled veggie salad. holy moly!

                                  1. i like the hush puppies. I also hate to admit it but i usually order the chicken fried steak.

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                                      Will Virgil's let you have hush puppies as a side? Because it is not listed under sides on their menu.

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                                        It's an appetizer and it's huge. I've never asked for it as a side, but they are nice folks there, they might accomodate.

                                    2. Don't waste your money. Virgil uses Liquid Smoke. Yes, their hush puppies with maple butter are divine but I'd suggest heading north to Dinosaur.

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                                        Now as it happens, I'm a Dinosaur fan myself (also like Daisy May's and RUB), but I don't disdain Virgil's - particularly their lamb & what may be my favorite onion rings in town.

                                        That said, Virgil's website states that they use oak, hickory, and fruitwoods to smoke their meats in Southern Pride smokers. If that's the case, why would they need liquid smoke?

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                                          You are correct: They don't use liquid smoke, Striver. You are also correct about the combo wood and gas Southern Prides... a commercial smoker that many restaurants use. They are not my favorite, but let's not just trash them ignorantly, folks...

                                          I think the new places, however, are better. Dinosaur uses J&R Oylers, all wood, and I like their product. RUB also uses J&Rs. Hill Country uses Ole Hickory, wood and gas, but they turn out an exceptional product, IMHO. And I've eaten in Lockhart, Llano, and thereabouts. Frankl;y, lots of very nice Q in NYC these days.

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                                            Virgil's uses a combination of hickory, oak and fruit woods to smoke their meat.

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                                              Umm... OK... wood... and gas. A Southern Pride. Wood in the chamber, and a gas flame to regulate the temp at the setpoint and keep the wood lit. Right?

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                                          Had to put in my $0.02. Dinosaur is so NOT the place to go for good BBQ ribs. They were featured on the Food Channel so I gave them a try. Food ok, not impressive at all. If you are used to good ole, fallin' off the bone, BBQ sauce too good to waist then don't go to Dinosaur. I was also disappointed that the baked beans were not BBQ baked beans, the BBQ pork fried rice tastes exactly like the rice you would find at the Chinese take out, mac n cheese was the best thing on the menu (but still only gets a 6). Dessert was not exciting. Nice place to hang out with friends (due to noisy atmosphere, live band, and the cocktails). For ribs....look elsewhere.

                                        3. The BBQ shrimp special on the one night a week they serve it is without question the best main course they have.

                                          1. I'd say that the brisket at Virgil's is very good for NYC, it's very tender and not fatty. Sauce doesn't intrude on the flavor either.

                                            1. The pulled pork and the brisket both work for me.

                                              1. I would order a menu and directions to Dinosaur BBQ.

                                                1. If you like dry chicken (I'm not being sarcastic, some people actually do, like me), the shredded chicken sandwich is good. (And, for those of us who love BBQ and have ulcers, it's less heavy/spicy than the brisket or pork). Avoid the pickled beets if that's something you usually like, they use too much vinegar.

                                                  1. If you're getting the two-meat combo, I recommend ribs as the first choice, brisket as second choice. You definitely need the mac-and-cheese. The greens are very good. If you don't mind cheese-on-cheese then the cheese grits are worth checking out. The sweet tea isn't like the southern stuff but it's very good, kind of lemony.

                                                    1. Their Chicago Style dog is great - Go elsewhere for BBQ

                                                      It looks like NY Magazine has voted RUB as best BBQ:


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                                                        But Dinosaur's wings are ranked better, which shows fine (and accurate) discrimination!