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Feb 28, 2007 06:05 PM

Denver advice for young couple-bars/restaurant

My boyfriend and I are heading out to Denver in mid-march and are looking for good bars/pubs to check out at night...also popular places to get a good meal, lunch or dinner. We're not picky about types of food at all. We are both young, just out of college, so we're looking for an atmosphere that is not too old. Any help would be great!

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  1. Are you staying in one particular area? And how are you getting around?

    I ask this simply because Denver is a pretty spread out place. A good suggestion for a margairta could be 20 miles from the best chips & salsa.

    On the flip side, it has some really nice clusters of options.

    The LODO area downtown, I'd think, is perfect for 20-somethings. You can walk to a dozen or more places that run the gamut from wild and crazy to sophisticated - and everything inbetween, Brew pubs, jazz clubs, sports bars, sushi, fancy, dive.

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      we're staying a little north west of downtown i believe...and we'll have a rental car, so we'll be able to get around easily.

    2. A few ideas:
      Lower Downtown (LoDo) - you will have no problem finding bars- a few places for food and drinks I like:
      A couple of bar type places but with above average food and good crowds
      Wynkoop brewpub

      I think you would like most of the places in Larmier Sqare
      And Vesta Grill
      The 9th Door for drinks and Tapas

      A little east of downtown is Stuebens
      And Zengo A little north
      Futher East along Colfax is
      Mezcal (I think you would definitly like this place - kind of upscale college type place?)
      And nearby is Cafe Star

      And in the Highlands area Northwest of downtown is Lola (Also very fun

      You also might like a night in Boulder. There are some fun places along South Broadway and in Cherry Creek North.

      I think all these places you would like. Most have seperate bar ares if you just want a drink and an app and check them out. Have fun!

      1. TastyJon -

        There are a cluster of really great dining and drinking places in and around what is called the "Highlands" which is around 32nd and Lowell streets. Ask anyone and they can direct you to the area.

        Here is a link to the citysearch page which will give you great descriptions of all the places that you have available! ---> .

        I completely agree with ColoradoFun...Stuebens is wonderful. I have really enjoyed my meals and the atmosphere every time.

        Also if you are looking to go a little South East of Downtown on Colorado Blvd and 9th Avenue, (near the CU Medical Center) there is a wonderful breakfast place called Annie's Cafe (parking in the back) that would make a great early lunch, late breakfast stop.