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Feb 28, 2007 05:58 PM

korean fried chicken

did anyone read that ny times article at korean fried chicken? one manhattan restaurant was on 32nd and 5th avenue on the 2nd floor. does' anyone know the name of it and can you confirm it's greatness?

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  1. Restaurant Forte Baden Baden, 28 West 32nd Street. Can only confirm the greatness of UFC (Unidentified Flying Chicken) in Jackson Heights.

    1. Sorry, the one in that NYT article was Bon Chon Chicken, 314 5th Ave (32nd St) 2nd Fl.
      The Times had a $25 and Under review of Baden Baden, for the same style of Korean fried chicken, last year.

      The difference with Baden Baden is that they deep fry a whole rotisserie chicken and then hack it up. Bon Chon, like the other places in the recent article, fry individual pieces - such as wings.

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      1. re: SunnysideUp

        thanks! that's exactly what i was looking for. sounds like i need to try both!

        1. re: shechow

          I highly recommend Bon Chon chicken with the spicy sauce. I got the a small order of the "special" which is wings and drumsticks. Excellent and crispy and tasty chicken. Definitely unlike southern fried chicken because there is no thick crust. It is just super tight and crispy skin with a thin lacquer of sauce and tender, juicy meat. Be warned that it is takes a while for your order. I placed an order to go at the bar and it took almost 40 minutes and it wasn't very crowded.

        2. re: SunnysideUp

          Bon Chon and Baden Baden are different types of fried chicken...sunnysideup's poster describe them correctly...but they definitely taste alot different, i like both (i like some of the other food at baden notably the nakji bokeum), but i think most people will like bon chon better (more flavorful).

          And as ESNY they cook to order at Bon Chon so its minimum 30 mins

          1. re: Lau

            Wow. I must have lucked out. I was there when it was quite busy and got my order in 15 minutes.

            1. re: Miss Needle

              wow that must be the fastest ever, even when its dead they always warn us itll take a while

              1. re: Lau

                I actually think that because it was so busy they weren't cooking to order. They were probably frying batches in advance because they knew there would be people ordering them.

        3. I just wanted to add and confirm that baden baden in nyc is really yummy! I take all my friends that come to visit me in the City!

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          1. re: TiggeRito

            I couldn't find baden baden on menu pages. where is it?

            1. re: marciamarciamarcia

              its on the southside of 32nd st bet 5th ave and bway...its on the second floor, if you're looking up you'll see a dark blue onning that says BBNY

              1. re: marciamarciamarcia

                Here it is ...

                Baden Baden New York
                28 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

            2. Yes its good...but i still prefer the salt and pepper wings at 69 Bayard.