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Feb 28, 2007 05:32 PM

Zen West

I tried Zen West recently, and it was only ok. I was so sad. I love Cafe Zen--and was hoping that West would be good. Did I just hit it on a bad night? And could someone other than me tell the owners to do something about the front of the building on York Rd???? What is this, the plywood/blocked over windows look?

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  1. I like the place for its atmosphere and location (equidistant for my group of friends), but the food overall is just okay. Some things they do friends love the pork medallions and the fish tacos are excellent but the rice and beans are bland and mediocre. Burgers are decent. Staff are friendly and it's non smoking. So it works for us.

    1. On our visit there, the service was friendly but utterly awful, the food bland and the atmosphere fun. I'd go for a beer, chips and salsa at the bar, and that's it.

      1. Agree on all counts. We ate there last night, I had the taco combo (1 steak, 1 chicken taco) and it was fine. The steak was nice and medium rare, but not seasoned at all. The chicken was tender but again, unseasoned. The rice and beans were bland, and the chips and salsa tasted like they came out of a bag and a jar respectively. All in all, kind of a "meh" meal.

        For my money, the best tex mex in Baltimore is still Austin Grill in Canton.