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Feb 28, 2007 05:20 PM

Avenue Deli in Newton, MA

I am in the Boston area on business and saw Avenue Deli mention on and listed on and thought I would give it a try - bot did I make the right choice went there last noght and then again tonight - the first night I had the special roast prime rib with a chimchurri sauce - it was out of this world! the meat was so tender and melted in my mouth -

Tonight just had chicken sou, followed by rib steak also excellent cooked to perfection - the owner Ricardo is always on the scene and ready to take care of problems - the soup was from a fresh batch that tasted ok bu a lttle salty - Ricardo tasted (not at my request) said it is too salty comped me the bowl I ordered and gave me a fresh from a fresh batch that was right on -

The ambience is is definitely comfortable deli - it is counter service and a few tables - I am looking forward to going back tomorrow when Ricardo is planning on making argentinian veal dish - I can not wait!

I report back on how it is -

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  1. Jabbett on KosherBlog has been raving.

    1. I said I would report back - Well not quite argentinian - but he made barbecued ribs - a mixture of veal and beef - excellent - I highly recommend this place if your visiting the Boston area -

        1. re: veggielover

          Avenue Deli
          549 Commonwealth Ave (near Centre St.)
          Newton, MA 02459
          (617) 332-5444