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Feb 28, 2007 05:05 PM

Tubtim Thai -- worth a try?

In 20 years in Silver Lake, I have never set foot in Tub Tim Thai on Hillhurst -- I've always found there to be plenty of good, authentic Thai places in the neighborhood and it always struck me as seeming expensive and non-authentic. Have I been missing out? I see on that they have some fun things that aren't always found at the more authentic places, like shrimp toast and mee krob, as well as a brown rice option. Are any of their dishes really good and full of flavor, or should I continue to pass?

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  1. No. I live close by and don't even go anymore. The last time I went, I ordered a shrimp app. The first time it came frozen, the second still very cold. The previous few times everything was barely ok. Don't bother.

    1. I concur. The only time I went it was bland and unappetizing.

      1. I used to get delivery from there when I lived around the corner, and actually thought it was perfectly fine. But then Pattaya opened up on Vermont. Pattaya was better, and more consistent. I no longer live in that neighborhood; my last experience with Tubtim was probably four years ago, so I have no idea whether it's been going downhill for a while or if this is a recent trend.

        All in all, there are better options in the area. But they do deliver, so there's that.

        1. Went there a few months ago on the advice of some friends who lived in Thailand for a few years and swore by it as reminiscent of the food they had while there. So, as you can imagine, we were really excited to try it. Long story short, I no longer trust my friends' palette -- the sticky rice was terribly dry and everything else was blah. Overall, very subpar compared to the plethora of great Thai places around. Too bad, as the people there are very sweet.

          1. Ack, I guess it's unanimous. I could have sworn I saw it recommended somewhere...or maybe it was Simply Thai.

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              There is a Tup Tim in Pasadena on Allen just south of the 210 Fwy, that I have mentioned in a few recent posts( tho' can't seem to find them when I search)..., it's pretty good for local quick and inexpensive fix.

              It's family operated/owned, was formerly George's Barbeque, serving Filipino food for at least 15 yrs. George recently retired, his son and daughter now run the place, renamed it Tup Tim, and have modified the menu to focus more on Thai food tho' they still serve some of the Filipino specialties. Name is similiar, but I don't think it's related to the Silver Lake restaurant (i.e., they don't advertise or promote any "sister" restaurant)... don't know for sure.