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Feb 28, 2007 04:50 PM

Weekend in DC...need a Chow Itinerary

My wife and I are going to be in DC for a weekend and are looking for the best food in the city to cram into a weekend. We're going to Citronelle for dinner on Saturday night. Can we get a fellow hound to help us with meal suggestions for Friday night dinner (informal but really good...we have a long drive), and Sunday brunch and/or lunch? Thanks!

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  1. You might want to try Pesce in Dupont- it has a relatively casual atmosphere (the menu is presented on a chalkboard) and it is delicious. They don't take reservations so keep that in mind.

    For Sunday brunch, why don't you try Cafe Atlantico in the Penn Quarter area- they do latin dim sum.

    1. Friday night- get a reservation at Dino- informal, casual, wonderfully affordable Italian food with one of the top wine lists in the city. You can wear jeans and a nice top in there. Get your reservation now.

      Sunday brunch- I'd go to Blue Duck Tavern or to Tabbard Inn, both of which have excellent brunches.

      1. Sunday brunch at the Four Seasons on M Street is hard to beat.

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          Agreed, but extremely expensive.

        2. My Husband and I were in DC in May last year and had a fun time at a place in Georgetown called Mei N Yu. Great Pu Pu platter at the bar and don't forget to try a Moroccan Delight..(from the Martini Bar)!! We were going to go in for dinner but stayed in the bar and had a fabulous time..very memorable...We also ate at Old Glory..a BBQ place that's apparently been there quite awhile...not so great.....Both places are casual.....My vote would be for Mie N Yu...they have a website

          1. "Best Food in the City":
            Mini Bar
            Buck's Fishing & Camping
            Blue Duck Tavern (haven't been but people seem to love it.)
            Lunch @ Two Amy's (primo pizza) is always fun

            Buck's & Firefly are probably the most casual, but BDT is in a hotel so I'm sure you could sit in the lounge (no res necessary) informally.

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              You left out Palena and Buck's is nowhere near in that category (everyone on this board knows how I feel about minibar) and Firefly is probably in a bit of a slump at the moment because Wabeck is no longer there.

              1. re: jpschust

                To each his own. I pick Buck's over Dino. Dino's ok, but nothing special in my book. And I'm new to the board so don't know how you feel about minibar. I assume you're not a fan. Haven't been to Palena in 6 years.

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                  something over Dino?
                  surely you are kidding!