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Feb 28, 2007 04:47 PM

Alexander's in Cupertino

Never heard of it, but we're invited to dinner there -- any thoughts, opinions, warnings, recs?

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  1. have had a chance to go yet, but friends say it is a very good, high end steakhouse. Menu items include japanese kobe beef.

    1. It's good, especially for the 650/480. Portions are HUGE! I had a beef quad that was excellent -- kobe beef, short ribs, prime rib and something else I can't remember. Decor is a little interesting since it used to be an El Torito, but they've done a good job to disguise that.

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      1. re: sfmags

        Beef quad sounds overwhelming! OK, what's the 650/480 -- thought you got there off the 280...

        1. re: Sarah

          think he/she meant 650/408 area codes.

          you do get off the wolfe rd. exit on 280. it's right across the street from Vallco shopping center.

        2. re: sfmags

          I don't think the portions are that big. I finished off the 24 oz. rib eye easily and I'm not really a big eater. The beef sampler is less than it seems, too. Still, it's good grub.

        3. the beef quad is a little much but it's a good way to sample their offerings..there are many. i enjoyed it and took some home for breakfast the next day.

          great service & atmosphere in an unassuming location. enjoy!

          1. I've been to Alexander's several times. Always prompt with reservations - never have to wait.

            Wine list is great. Salads --- I'm not a fan of their ceasar.

            I've ordered their Kobe Burger... amazing. Best burger I've ever had in my life (and the price tag is pretty hefty, but worth the experience at least once).

            I've also ordered their beef quad and couldn't finish it. I thought all 4 items were good, and took the left overs home for lunch the next day.

            The steaks of course are always perfect. Sides --- Mac and cheese, rice, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, all were good. They are generous portions so you can share.

            Service and atmosphere are nice too, but sometimes can get noisy.

            1. haven't been yet, but doesn't this place give out Free Cotton Candy at the end of the meal?

              edit: this place is $$$$ so bring your credit card.

              things i might consider getting if I was going:
              soup, sea of cortez scallops, crab, hamachi shots, filet mignon, cow & crustacean, 28-day dry aged NY; all 4 love, mac & cheese, sauteed chanterelle mushrooms, crimini mushrooms, haricot verts w/ bacon, mashed potatoes, steak fries.

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