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Feb 28, 2007 04:42 PM

Help with eating old freezer stuff!

OK, I am new and I need help. I have spent all day looking on the net for some answer and you all sound very experienced perhaps you can help. We got into a buying club and they had wonderful pre-packed steaks and pork steaks and fish that they would bring to your door. This was great when I had time to cook. I never needed to go to the store. However life changed and I was gone so much I never had time to cook anymore. It kept building and building up in the freezer. We have finally canceled the club and at least 3 years have gone by, now we are left with slightly old freezer goods. The last steak I tried to cook had that "Freezer burn" taste to it. So I put it in a stew, we called it the stew of mediocre-ness. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. We managed our first helping but the leftovers sat in the fridge until it was eventually tossed.

What can one do? Any marinates that I can whip up to help? How old is too old? How long can you keep something in the freezer? What can you do to make it taste great again?

I hate to throw it all out we spent so much money on it and they are great quality meats. Can anyone give me some advice?

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  1. honestly? most stuff isn't much good after 6 months or so in the freezer. i suppose if you concoct something truly spicy so that it overpowers all else on the planet there may be hope, but you've already experimented, so i think you know the answer here. i don't see the point in putting more time and effort into this stuff.

    1. Since you have so much of it, it might be worth a couple more experiments. I would try browning the *hell* out of the meat and making a highly flavored stew (unless you did that last time). Maybe the flavor produced by serious searing would overcome the freezer flavor. The other thing I'd try before just throwing it away would be stock. Brown it super-well again, and just boil all the goodness out of it. Maybe the freezer taste wouldn't be noticeable in the stock?

      But it's only worth experimenting if you have some time you don't mind wasting, if it doesn't work out. I wouldn't hold my breath for that meat ever tasting good again, never mind great.

      1. The stuff over one year old toss. 6-12 months, try a marinade or braise in a heavy flavored recipe.

        1. Well tonight I am trying a new experiment thank you so much for you ideas I wanted to make sure I was on the right track and sounds like I am. Tonight I am using A-1 sauce which as my Dad puts it would make a shoe taste good with a few other spices and oils making a marinate, so we will see. After a good long soak I will try the pan sear method. I hardly ever fry meat I always bake it or grill it or stew it. 8) I will let you know how it works out. Thank you for all the help.

          1. I'd look at crockpot recipes that simmer for a long time and allow the meats to bask in the flavors.