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Feb 28, 2007 04:41 PM

"Mini" Marukai now open in Torrance

Just happened to be in the neighborhood today, wouldn't you know it, and I see busy workers in the new Marukai stocking shelves, filling the cold cases, and so on.

I walked in asked if they were open, and a worker gave a shrug and a "Sure, come on in..."

This store is what Famima should've been: in-house sushi "factory" (a la Daikichi), lots a packaged convenience foods, candies, drinks, yada. And, an Asahiya magazine stand/book store.

If this location works out for them, I can see this new mini-Marukai eating Famima's lunch!

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  1. Interesting concept. Hopefully they'll open one in Orange County other than the full sized Costa Mesa store. I love these kind of places.

    1. Nice catch, Joe Blowe!! I'm totally gonna check it out!