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Feb 28, 2007 04:40 PM

Pita! Pita! in Pasadena (rave)

I couldn't find much posted on this place, which is in Pasadena on Colorado Blvd. just east of Lake Ave.

It's Lebanese, and I went there for lunch and was totally satisfied. Dad ordered dark meat roast chicken plate w/ 2 sides, and I had roast lamb plate. Two iced teas and the total was $20 and change.

You order at the counter, and there's a long, open kitchen. Service is very prompt, with lots of staff cooking. The plates come with a (very fresh) Romaine-tomato-cucumber side salad with the same vinagrette dressing that nearby Tarantino uses (not sure what this is though). Chicken dish included basically two legs and two thighs (yes, a lot of chicken), and mine was a generous mound of tender, well-spiced lamb pieces over aromatic rice, with a little side of bean stew. (Often, subpar restaurants seem to pile lots of mediocre food on your plate, so I was skeptical, was this was really chowish and tasty stuff.) Also, the lamb was topped w/ toasted almond pieces, which lent that nutty, smoky flavor. Our order also included pita bread, pita chips, and two excellent homemade hot sauces (plus garlic sauce for the chicken a la Zankou). I didn't have the falafel, but they appeared to be cooking it to order, which is a good sign.

As we ate, we observed that food seems to improve a certain distance away from Fair Oaks/Colorado (i.e. the "heart" of Old Town). I'll be back!

Pita! Pita!
927 E. Colorado Blvd., #101
(Between Lake and Mentor
)Pasadena CA 91105
(626) 356-3099

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  1. Let me second the motion, and also recommend the spicy eggplant. It's full of flavor and hearty enough to make a very satisfying vegetarian dinner. We often go there before concerts at Caltech. The only downside is no wine.

    1. I work in the building next door and used to go often until they raised their prices once again now its $10 for lunch too many cheaper options around especially since Skewers opened down on Lake a block away. The place does not seem nearly as busy anymore either. the food is consistanly good and service always friendly. I always got the chicken shwarma platter.

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        I just checked out the website for Skewers. Have you been? If so, how's the food?

      2. I've passed it numerous times on my way into Japon Bistro and have always seen a large dining crowd of all ages. Thanks for the heads up!

        1. I have gone several times and all skewers are real good and prices reasonable. Also my office now uses them regularly to cater to large meetings. I like their hummas and rice as well. Chicken kabobs are tender and juicy always cooked just right never dry.

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            Are you talking about Skewers or Pita Pita?

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              I believe he was responding to me regarding this place:


          2. Just wondering, but is this the same Pita! Pita! that used to be in Old Town on Fair Oaks?

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                Fantastic! It was one of my favorite restaurants in Old Town and I was sad that it disappeared. I'm so glad that they found a new home and now I can visit. :)

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                  While it is run by the same people, the ambiance is more of a take-out place than the restaurant setting of the former location on Fair Oaks. Admittedly, it has been a couple of years since I've been there, but I did not find the quality to be as good after they moved from Fair Oaks to Colorado/Lake.