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Feb 28, 2007 04:21 PM

**Best Pizza Slice in Midtown????

I work in Midtown and need a great slice of pizza. Problem is John's only serves pies. I heard that Little Italy pizzeria is supposedly good. Does Angelo's serve slices or just pies? Please any help would be appreciated! Thankssss

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  1. The problem with naming a "best slice" is that the pizzas aren't made to order, so you can't tell how long they've been sitting around. Slices are inconsistent.

    Fortunately, a slice is such a small investment, you can just buy one and try it.

    If you've heard that Little Italy is good, try it. And please report back to everyone!

    Also, where in Midtown are you?

    1. Angelo's only have pies.

      1. Naples 45 in the Met Life Building has great slices to go.

        1. I think Pizza on 33rd is great on 3rd Ave and 33rd. I usually need at least 2 slices to be filled up.

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            Pizza 33 is mediocre and overpriced and they are obnoxious there.

            I second Naples 45, although I like getting their individual pies rather than their slices. A pie is around $8 from the take out section.

          2. is 23rd too low? if not, go to mozarelli's right at the park. awesome 100% spelt slices as well as decent 'traditional' pies.