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Feb 28, 2007 04:16 PM

**Best Pizza Slice in Midtown????

I work in Midtown and need a great slice of pizza. Problem is John's only serves pies. I heard that Little Italy pizzeria is supposedly good. Does Angelo's serve slices or just pies? Please any help would be appreciated! Thankssss

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  1. I only know of chains that do slices in midtown, and of those La Familia (just north of Times Square on ... Broadway?) is probably the best. If you go when it's busy and the slices are coming from pies straight out of the oven, it can be excellent.

    Or if you like a corn-mealy crust, go to Two Boots in the basement of 30 Rock.

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      NOOOOO! I mean no disrespect to Paul N, but don't punish your pizza loving taste buds to the terror that is Two Boots pizza. If you doubt my opinion on this, just skim down my massive amount of back-up support and look at all the negative comments in regards to Too Boots:

      Personally, there's only one good place I know of near midtown to get good pizza. Because yea, La Familia isn't bad, but you can get better than a chain restaurant in NYC. It's a bit out of the way, but there's a deli/bistro/marche-(yes I know, most people say if it's anything more than just a pizza place don't go, but this place is the exception to the rule) on E 39th near the corner of Madison, I think it's technically next to the bank which is on the corner of E 39th and Madison. I ate their pizza everyday for three summers straight, it's good stuff.

    2. Royal, 40th and 3rd. Best Sicilain slice in the city!!

      1. Little Italy Pizza
        Naples 45 (slices in the back)

        1. Sacco's on 9th.

          Also, I think there was a thread just a week or 3 ago that asked this same question. You should be able to do a search and find it.

          1. I too agree with Sacco's on 9th. Though make sure you eat it hot, cause their pizza doesn't do well reheated.