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Feb 28, 2007 03:42 PM

Saddle River Inn, Saddle River, NJ good or bad

Friends of our suggested that we make reservations at the Saddle River Inn. I'm not familiar with this restaurant. Does anybody have and info, pro and con about it? Thanks, AmyR

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  1. was there once about 3 years ago. my vague recollection- great ambience, good food --overpriced... but good ( not great); have liked cafe panache better in ramsey) although atmosphere is a notch below

    1. We live in CT and it served as a good half-way point with friends in Essex County.

      I thought the food was very good, the ambience very nioce and priced accordingly (high, but reasonable).

      1. It's particularly good for meat and game. The ambience is a little stodgy to my taste, but pleasant overall. Pricey, to be sure - but it's BYO, which keeps the overall cost reasonable.

        1. Thanks, we're going next Friday. I'll post a review. Didn't know it was a BYO. You're right, that'll keep the cost down.AmyR

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            over priced, over hyped, if you like old fashioned cruise ship dining

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              I had the misfortune of going to the Saddle River Inn yesterday. The food was poor. My appetizer (duck) was inedible. The entree, lamb was overcooked. The other members of my party were also unhappy with their entrees. The service was poor. We had to asked for bread numerous times, water glaess were not filled. The waiter did not know much about the menu and did not want to take the time to explain. There are definitely many other restaurants to go to in the state. I can not see why anyone would go to this restaurant.