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Helmand "Red Tagged" after landslide

Helmand, the Afghani restauarant on Broadway, has been closed, and the posted "red tag" cites the building as unusable. This follows the landslide of the southern portion of Telegraph Hill early Tuesday morning, which according to newspaper reports filled the manager's office with rubble at the strip club next door. No idea if Helmand was damaged as well, or if the closure reflects the ongoing concern that the hill above the back of the storefronts is still potentially unstable.

It would be a shame to lose this place permanently, definitely one my favorites. I went here for lunch quite frequently - the food is excellent; I love what they do with pumpkin, eggplant and lamb - also for me it's close to work and it's easier to get even non-chowish coworkers rounded up for a visit when the word "buffet" is involved.

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  1. Oh, bad news! I really like this place. I was worried when I read about the location of the landslide. Hope they can reopen soon.

    1. D'oh! That's unfortunate news -- I'm a fan of both the SF and Cambridge locations.

      1. Afghanis are both a hearty and elegant people. I'd think they'd be back one way or another. Well I hope so any way.

          1. I immediately thought of The Helmand after hearing the landslide news. I hoped they were enough buildings away not to be affected.

            That's too bad! They're my fave Afghan in the Bay Area.

            1. From Wednesday's Chronicle:

              "Slide victim: Last week's rock slide in San Francisco's North Beach has temporarily closed the popular Afghan restaurant, Helmand (430 Broadway, at Kearny).
              It turns out that the damage to Helmand was minimal -- rocks pushed the restaurant's wall in by about a half foot, says managing partner Daud Zaheer. But it will take at least two weeks before the fixes can be made and city inspectors declare the restaurant safe, Zaheer says, adding that insurance won't cover repairs because the slide has been deemed an act of God. "

              1. Anyone know if it's re-opened? I am hoping they are ready for business, as I am craving their pumpkin and spinach dishes. Anyone heard anything?

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                  There was an article in the paper the other day about it (along with other people who are still out of their homes), and it's definitely not yet open, and there didn't seem to be any ETA on the opening.

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                    Thanks for the update. Any good substitutions in the meantime?

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                        Not tonight, but in the future definitely. What's good?

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                            There's been mention of Zazoo in Jack London Square. I haven't been yet but stumbled upon it. Do a search, there's several reviews/threads that says it's good or very good. It's on my list but haven't had the chance to go yet.

                            1. re: ML8000

                              Zazoo has good kabobs and a few dishes like momo's, but it is not stricktly an African-focused restaurant. The American side of the menu predominates. How about Bissop Baobab? There's also some restaurant in the Fillore area that got some good recs. I'm blanking on the name.