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Vodka and Food Pairings

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I am hosting an event that revolves around Russian vodka and am looking for some creative hors d'oeuvres ideas. Caviar is already part of the menu (in abundance) but I was thinking perhaps something with a little Russian Fusion? Any thoughts or ideas?

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  1. some quick ideas that come to mind are mini blinis with creme fraiche and chives, mini potato pancakes, poached salmon, (if you have them) little cups of borcht.

    I think you could do a handful of amuse bouche and it'd be kinda cool.

    when I was in Russia, nothing was fusion, though you could try some interesting combos of perogies...

    1. smoked fish: salmon, sablefish

      Salad olivier

      manti (meat dumplings like potsticker's)

      Piroshki (baked meat pie in short pastry) served room temp

      Here's a thread I started after a very lovely and filling party attended at a Russian home with loads of authentic eats and delicious vodka:


      1. in Ukraine we drink vodka w/ everything! :)

        1. tiny fingerling potatoes served as twice-baked

          phyllo triangles stuffed with duxelles

          black bread smeared with radish cream cheese

          chicken kiev, but use tenders

          1. Mini crab cakes would go well as an appetizer.

            1. If you're going Russian, they're not called hors d'oeuvres, they're called zakuski! As Marianna215 implies, anything eaten with vodka qualifies as zakuski. But traditional items are pickles of various sorts, especially pickled mushrooms, various salads (NOT green salad, just things like Salad Olivier and other heavy, sour cream-laden delights) and all sorts of salami and other cured meats.

              It would also be very appropriate to have several different flavored vodkas, especially cranberry.

              My wife is Russian, I'm becoming an expert on this stuff!!

              1. A further thought - hie thee to a Russian deli (Bazaar on Beacon, their bigger place in Allston, Berezka on Comm Ave, or Babushka on Washington St), browse through the showcases, and go nuts! You will be inspired!

                1. Rather than buying smoked salmon, you could buy a salmon filet and make your own gravlax....