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Feb 28, 2007 03:13 PM

Scoop on SIMPLY IT Vietnamese?

Anyone been to Simply It, a newish Vietnamese Spot in Lincoln Park?

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  1. I live closer to Lincoln Park than to Argyle, so one night when I was desperate for pho and spring rolls, I checked out Simply It for dinner. I believe there was only one pho option on the menu and not many of the other traditional Vietnamese dishes that I typically eat when I'm in Arglye, but this didn't surprise me. I thought the pho and spring rolls were definitely solid, so if I don't have the time to head up to Arglye, I'd return.

    1. ate at Simply It during one of their first weeks, and had a very tasty, incredibly cheap meal. they were still working out some service kinks (granted, it was a Sat. night and they were slammed), but everyone was very friendly. i would recommend the beef lemongrass rolls, kind of a roll-it-yourself thing. very nice. ginger clay pot chicken was great too--nice and zippy. avoid the pumpkin shrimp, though--it was totally bland.

      1. I live right by Simply It and love this place. The service is somewhat questionable - don't ask for more information on a menu item as you'll probably receive a blank stare. However the food is fresh and delicious. The previous poster was correct - there's not a lot of the traditional menu items you may see at Argyle, but its good vietnamese nonetheless