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Feb 28, 2007 03:04 PM

Madrid - Please Critique my List

My husband and I are taking our 15 year old daughter to Madrid (with side trips to
Segovia and Toledo) for spring break. None of us has ever been to Spain before.
Here's my list of restaurants thus far - I would appreciate comments/suggestions/additions:
Restaurante Botin
Casa Patas
Dassa Bassa
Casa Lucio
thanks in advance!

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  1. I am also going to Spain, though not until the fall, and have been doing a lot of research on restaurants. I have plans to go to Viridiana and have heard only excellent things about it. Botin seems like a decent place but has the potential to be very touristy. I don't know anything about the other three places.


    1. Does anyone have any suggestions or guidance? thanks!

      1. Sorry I haven't done much fooding at those places - waiting for the parents to come and fund some of the chow - but what I hear is that Botin, while admittedly popular with tourists, does have really great food (and is the one of the oldest restaurants in Madrid); Casa Patas is supposed to be a great place for drinks and (authentic) flamenco.

        Good luck, and please report back!

        1. We will be there next week and plan a total report when we return. We have reservations at Casa Patas with our 11 year old. I've heard it touristy but probably the best Madrid has to offer. Also, what's so wrong about being a tourist.

          We will save the "fancy schmancy" places for our next trip. Our apartment is just around the corner from Viridiana so we might stop in for a glass of wine or maybe lunch.

          We're on the lookout for great local chow. We were there a few years ago for Christmas and got a good feel for the place.

          More later. . .


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            Nothing's wrong with being a tourist; I am one too (though living here for a few months, since I'm studying at one of the universities for a semester). My comment about places being popular with tourists was just to note that it may not be completely full of madrileƱos, which is the kind of scene that some look for when visiting.

            Have a great trip - looking forward to your report!

          2. We loved Dassa Bassa. The tasting menu was great. See my short review here.