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Feb 28, 2007 02:42 PM

Anyone know where I can find a VERY cheap lunch restaurant near LAX?

So Im flying out to LA to visit my mom for her birthday. Its a surprise visit so I know she wont have much time before she has to get back to work. So if anyone can help me out I really appreciate it! Im looking for a casual retaurant for us to eat lunch near LAX, not something mexican, asian, or indian because she doesnt like that food. Also, I have big plans for dinner and for the rest of the weekend, so I need something VERY cheap (like under $25 for everything). So hopefully some people here know some good, unique restaurants like this??

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  1. A couple nights ago we picked up my boyfriend's parents from LAX and stopped at KJ's diner (on Loyola--i think--and Lincoln). It's a cute retro-looking diner with mostly American food--sandwiches, meatloaf, breakfast all day. Everyone loved it and the prices were definitely low. We liked it so much that when we dropped off the folks back to LAX the next week, we stopped there for breakfast.

    1. There's an In n Out on Sepulveda :)

      My family and I went to Korner Deli on Sepulveda once. They advertise their pastrami as being "the best in town," and though I wouldn't agree with that, it was still good.

      8836 South Sepulveda Boulevard
      Los Angeles, CA 90045-4810

        1. Ayara Thai is very good, very near LAX, and on the cheap side. It is open for lunch.
          6245 West 87th Street
          Westchester, California 90045
          (Between Manchester and La Tijera, tucked away just off Sepulveda)

          If not in the mood for Thai, you might try The Coffee Company on Manchester, also just east of Sepulveda. It is perfectly decent, and cheap.

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            thai falls into the no asian category.......

          2. Try Paco's Tacos, its in the center on the corner of Manchester and Sepulveda - for two people you should get out of there for $25 or less.

            EDIT: Sorry, I did not notice that you are looking for something that is not Mexican.