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Feb 28, 2007 02:36 PM

Rest. Recc's for Marina Del Rey-->Redondo Beach

I am sure i will get alot of hits back on this....

...but my wife and I moved fairly recently to L.A. from England (in the Air Force) and still don't know our "way around" 100% when it comes to dining.

My older brother is coming out to visit from Chicago with his wife, who is an Italian Chef (trained in Italy no less) and i would like to take them out to a place between Marina Del Rey and Redondo beach. I love seafood, but want to make sure I get a nice atmosphere as the best joint from steak to seafood and anything in between.

Appreciate any help on this!

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  1. i'd go directly to cafe del rey on admiralty way in marina del rey.

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    1. i second cafe del rey. went there with my husband for the 1st time a couple of weeks ago. we had a delicious meal with a really nice bottle of wine. i had elk tenderloin, while my husband had the steak special. we also had a yummy dessert (i believe it was banana 3-way). also nice to have a drink at the bar (very lively).

      1. I don't know if you're willing to go a bit north instead of south, but Axe and Joe's on Abbot Kinney are also very respectable when it comes to great food. I wouldn't consider Joe's to be known for steaks, but they do everything they offer well, expecially their seafood. And Axe is equally capable - much more "California Casual," and they are known to excel in composed salads, chops, filets and shortribs, as well as great wine lists. However, if you want to stick very close to home, I also vote yes to Cafe Del Rey...haven't been in a few years, but they still stand out as a memorable dining experience...

        1. Sad to say, the Chef left Cafe Del Rey about the turn of the year to move over to BLVD at the Beverly Wilshire.

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          1. My favorite restaurant in that neck of the woods is Joe's on Abbott Kinney. Better known for their seafood, but they do have pork loin and beef sirloin on the menu. Top notch atmosphere, too.