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Feb 28, 2007 02:33 PM

Lunch in Soho (with cocktails perhaps)

I'm looking to celebrate a friend's birthday tomorrow for lunch. Ideally somewhere in Soho - the type of food is not important as long as there are lunchy items (salads and sandwiches) - - I'm not looking for a big steak. Any suggestions?? I've been to Jane, the Cupping Room, and Balthazar... any other suggestions??

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  1. Bread on Spring St is great for lunch

    1. How about Lure Fishbar? 142 Mercer St.

      1. My favorite place for sandwiches and salads, Bar 89.

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          Forgot to mention, the coctails are the best!

        2. Thank you for your replies. We actually ended up at Balthazar and had an excellent lunch with fantastic wine (I had a great Riesling). It was very crowded and we were delighted to be seated right away. My companion had the Nicoise salad and ate every bite. I was more in the mood for meat - so I opted for the burger. It was a little undercooked (I ordered medium and seemed more like medium-rare) but nevertheless deliciously seasoned with perfect fries. The service was good; however our one issue was that our waitress kept trying to rush us. Oh well -- overall I would definitely return -- and get dessert next time!!