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Feb 28, 2007 02:32 PM

Potato Curry...?

My produce delivery included a lot of potatoes this week (thanks, winter!). I have 4 good sized white potatoes and was thinking of making a curry for them but don't have a good recipe for them.

Any tips?

Oh yeah, I have no yogurt right now (but I have some sour cream), but have lots of spices.


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  1. I imagine you could substitute sour cream for yogurt in this one, and white potatoes would work instead of red...

    1. I make a potato curry side dish most times I make a curry (or I often will add potato to a curry itself). My favourite is one I'm still trying to perfect so I'm loath to give out a recipe until I get it right - however it is based on a dish that we get take out from The Indian Palace in Alameda.

      Think Indian roast potato coated in cumin seeds, nigella and other spices.

      The other one I'm still trying to get just how I'd like is my 'I miss English curry houses and want to eat Bombay Potato's' But I've never got a recipe that gets close to what they serve at 'The Asha' on Bold Street in Liverpool city centre. - but some variation on potato, onion and tomato always makes a good curry.

      I'm rambling I know but I tend to stay away from the clove/cinnamon (ie Garam Masala) type curries and go for the fennel/nigella/mustard seed/cumin/fenegreck type spice base.

        1. re: t.c.

          ah, cool thread you sent!
          Tonight I don't have time for more in-depth stuff, but I am going to just bake one and serve it with light sour cream that i stirred some indian spices into (garam, cumin, tumeric) and have that as dinner.

          But thanks for the link - I will make a potato curry with some of the treats sent in my green grocer box.

        2. There is a chicken and potato curry in Hot Sour Salty Sweet which is very good. It uses coconut milk, about 2 lbs of potatoes and 1 1/2 lb boneless chicken (I use thighs).

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