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Feb 28, 2007 02:27 PM

Roberts of Charleston?

Anyone been? Is it worth the experience?

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  1. My brother and his wife have been a few times for special occasions and seem to get a kick out of it...they say great food...the opera part leaves me cold, but they seem to enjoy...

    1. The only thing I have ever heard about the place is that Robert gets upset with you if he does not have your full attention during the show.

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        Somebody tell us what this place is like. Opera?

        1. re: bluesontap

          Broadway showtunes (e.g. Porgy and Bess) and some light operetta (like Gilbert&Sullivan). Don't worry - it's nothing heavy like Otello, or Cavaradossi in Tosca (i.e. REAL opera).

      2. It is a great special occasion restaurant that has new life now that his daughter and son-in-law have taken over. They change the menu on a regular basis and Joe knows volumes about wine. They will bend over backwards to accommodate special needs/requests.

        The music is mainly show tunes and really serves to facilitate the whole escapist atmosphere. Basically everyone arrives at the same time, sits down, chooses an entree, and the rest of the evening is taken care of. Robert only gets upset if someone is detracting from the experience for another guest.

        One night I was there and there was a man whose name was actually Maxamillion. He was the single biggest ass I have ever seen in a restaurant. He came in late (which interrupts the entire show) and hemmed and hawed all evening torturing the staff and complaining about everything (loudly). One of his requests (after spilling wine all over himself and blaming the "damned wobbly tables") was for a cappuccino. It did seam to take a long time for each of his cappuccinos to arrive but I didn't think much of it. I looked out the window and my waiter was sprinting down the alley. It turned out that they did not have a cappuccino machine and were running over to some coffee shop to get each cappuccino. What service! Every time this guy started causing a disturbance they would one-up him with more accommodating service.

        Highly recommended!

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          Robert's is definitely a unique and charming experience. When I went there, there was an Italian couple dining, and the husband happened to be an opera singer as well. He and Robert ended up doing duets over dessert. It was great! The singing was not invasive or cheesy, it's actually quite natural. And the service is fantastic. One of our top recommendations at the B&B I used to manage in Charleston.