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Kosher Near Columbus Circle

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I'm starting a new job next week near Columbus Circle. Anything Kosher nearby within walking distance?

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  1. First off, mazel tov on your new job.

    Here are some options:

    Cafe Classico on 57th b/w 5th and 6th for meat
    Great American Health Bar downstairs from Cafe Classico for dairy
    Azuri on 51st and 10th for shawarma
    Fine & Schapiro on 72nd b/w Col and B'way for conservative hechschered deli
    Nargila on 72nd west of B'way for Israeli
    Eden Wok on 72nd b/w Col and B'way for Asian
    Cafe Makor on 67th b/w CPW and Col for dairy
    Pizza Cave on 72nd west of B'way for pizza
    Levana on 69th and B'way for high end

    1. Nice list!

      How about Mendy's in the Galleria at 57th between Park and Lex? That should be a similar distance from Columbus Circle as the 72nd St sites.

      1. Yeah, they're both b/w 1/2 mile and a mile, but the 57 bus is SLOW, while hopping on the 1, the M5, M104, or M72 to get to 72nd is a breeze

        1. If I worked there I'd get Azuri every day
          and Ezra would still be mean to me

            1. And don't forget Fischer Bros on 72 bet b/way and amsterdam for excellent take out and a great butcher OU

              1. If you're going to go up into the 70's, I recommend the Hummus Place on Amsterdam between 74th and 75th. Great fresh hummus, salad, stuffed grapeleaves and some other offerings, constantly freshly prepared.