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Help with Red Wine!

My girlfriend is no wino or anything; Luna di Luna, is the Italian red wine of choice regardless of what she's eating. Only problem is very few restaurants that I take her to serve Luna di Luna. What is possibly a slightly more commonly carried wine that she might enjoy?

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  1. I assume it is the Cab/Merlot Luna di Luna. If so, your choice may depend on the type of restaurant you are eating at.If you are going to an Italian restaurant, Barbera D'Alba or D'Asti is a common selection and great with any red sauce. Although I am not a Chianti fan, it is a common choice also and many people enjoy it with Italian food. She can also try a straight cab or merlot or try a french Bordeaux, which is a blend of cabs, merlot.

    1. Yes, pretty much if it's red, and it says Luna di Luna, she'll drink it. In fact I'm not even sure why it's her favorite, it just is.

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        Come on, it's marketing and packaging. You can't help but notice those cool pretty opaque red and yellow and purple bottles in the wine store (and usually it's right in front too)

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          Exactly! We're talking about a $10 bottle of wine, retail.

          For more info: http://www.lunadiluna.com/

      2. The Merlot-Cab is a Veneto wine, so other Veneto, Friuli, or Isonzo merlots or cabs might appeal.

        On the other hand, I think Luna di Luna is made for export, so they might not.

        1. Do you have any idea why she likes this stuff? If she'll drink any red at all from this brand, but nothing else, it may not be the wine at all, but rather some kind of brand affinity. Maybe she just likes the bottle. In that case, there may be no substitute for her!

          I've never heard of Luna di Luna. What are some of its characteristics? Is it sweet or dry?

          1. It's definitly more of a dry wine, but not over the top in that aspect, I personally think it tastes sort of bitter, from what I know she drinks it because she's always been drinking it, thats it.

            1. Reading down the thread a bit, I'd suggest that the first thing that you might do is talk to your GF and get her to explain what she likes about this wine. Build a profile from that discussion. Get her to be as specific as is possible. Add that profile to this thread, so folk can more easily, and exactly, address her likes, and dislikes correctly. We need to know what she likes about this wine, before we begin recommending other wines. Once stated, it'll be relatively easy.


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                i think you should take your girl friend to a restaurant that have a Chef tasting menu. Or may be a package dinner that comes with wine pairing itself.
                i think the reason that she love the wine so much is because she haven't find a new love (wine) yet. once she find something she like. I promise you, she will never go back.

                another thought, take her to a wine tasting, make sure she spilt it out the first round. Tell her only swallow the one that she love the most.

                Sounds like she just need some exploration in the wine field.


              2. DO a blind tasting including Luna and a few others that are similar (no suggestions, never had Luna). I'm sure your wine merchant can help. With the bottles covered, it will be all about taste not packaging.

                1. Find a different girlfriend (smile) who is willing to be more adventurous. Luna is ordinary at best and there are many wines in the same price range that are much more interesting. I assume she is a fan of their Merlot/Cabernet blend (that is the most popular) and if so, try a good Merlot or be daring and go for something like a Cotes du Rhone. If you want to keep Italian, try something from the Piedmont.

                  1. This may not apply to your girlfriend but sometimes people can become paralyzed with a fear of displaying ignorance in certain areas. By eschewing all wines other than Luna (particularly with no particularly defined basis for it) it appears to me that she may want to give the appearance of wine knowledge solely by being rigid. Or she may have simply finally found a wine that she likes in what can often be a very intimidating arena. But by engaging and discussing similar and dissimilar styles of wine she runs the risk of showing ignorance which to some is simply anathema.

                    1. Luna d luna if thats all she'll drink, buy the house cab or merlot, she won't know the difference.

                      1. Awesome, thanks everyone