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Feb 28, 2007 01:36 PM

Montreal foodie family in Vancouver

Is Granville worth it, with 2 kids (9 and 14) ?
Are Robert Feenies's restaurants a must ?
Any other cool places for a family of four who wants to come back to Montreal and tell everyone how casual and delicious Vancouver was...

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  1. What do you mean by Granville?

    Are your kids adventurous eaters?

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    1. re: JWh

      Oops, I meant NU
      yes, kids are pretty open to new stuff

      1. re: mcLo

        I wouldn't recommend Nu if you only have a few days in Vancouver. I don't think the menu is that exciting for the price you're paying. I suppose it also depends on what you consider casual. There's no dress code at Nu, but it oozes a certain yuppy hipster vibe, like Cafe Melies in Montreal... except there are far better restaurants if you're looking for an equivalent to C.M. in Vancouver.

        I second the recommendation for Guu.

    2. Feeni's is perfect family fare. NIce atmosphere, relaxed, really good food. Lumiere is not so kid-friendly, unless they are up to an entire tasting menu.

      1. As for if Rob Feenie's restaurants are a must, well, it depends. I've eaten at Lumiere and it was wonderful... but i don't know if its considered to be an absolute must. It just depends on what you are looking for. Like every city, there are the "star" or "it" restaurants but it doesn't necessarily mean you must go, esp since there are plenty of great restaurants in vancouver that are not at a high price point. If you don't mind spending the money and are curious about his cuisine, then i would go for it.

        1. If your kids are adventurous, then Japanese tapas and sushi would be a must! The seafood in Vancouver is way better than MOntreal, so that would be the place to try it!
          Tojos is expensive but reportedly the best.
          The GUU on Robson is preety resonable and small sharing plates.
          Feenies would be fine, I think they have a great burger there.
          Are you driving, cabbing or walking?

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          1. re: jewels_vancouver

            I second that for Guu - fun place for kids to eat as well.
            Tojo's with kids - not a good idea.
            Another fun place would Vij's and or Rangoli.

            1. re: jewels_vancouver

              I second Rangoli, especially for lunch!

            2. We were at Nu last year and loved it! I didn't think it was expensive. We are from Ottawa but go to Montrealregularly to eat. The space that Nu occupies was spectacular. Glass all around with a view of the water. If your children enjoy food I think they would appreciate trying all the different small plates and definitely they would be intrigued with the restaurant itself. When you arrive in Vancouver purchase the 2007 Vancouver Magazine for Restaurants. We up-date each year and have never been disappointed with their recommendations.

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              1. re: Deborah

                Ya, NU is good. The room is impressive and the food too. They have a nice Sunday Jazz Brunch where you are treated to a complimentary cup of chocolate and warm housmade criossant prior to your meal.