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Feb 28, 2007 01:29 PM

LBQ BQ in Long Beach

Went there yesterday, a tiny, tiny place just south of MLK and PCH in Long Beach.
Because of the size and the fact that the close about 8, I decided to have my order to go.
I opted for a combo platter which consisted of 3 meats and two sides as well as 2 slices of bread (whatever!) for $12.95. Considering that I'll almost spend that for a turkeyburger, onion rings and a drink at FatBrger, that's quite a deal! They were out of beef ribs, so I ordered beef short ribs and a double order of pork ribs (was in a ribs mood) and a double order of beans as they were recommended in previous posts. I requested the sauce on the side as I wanted to taste the meat before adding sauce. For $12.95, that comes to a lot of bbq .... but is it any good?
The beef short ribs very meaty and had some fat on them, but I wouldn't consider them terribly fatty. The meat was soft but still held to the bone - I prefer my bbq with some toothiness, instead of the fall-off-the-bone variety. Have to say, though, at the first bite, the smokiness nearly knocked me back! After a few bites, it was easy to get used to, but I didnt know that meat could take that much smoke - do they use liquid smoke in their seasoning? Whatever, the addition of a tiny bit of sauce toned it down to make for some very good eating.
The pork ribs were rather long and meaty had a wide band of pink in the cross-section. A few of the pieces had a section (about half of the rib) where the top crust was a bit leathery, but a minor issue. Good smoke and very good flavor.
The beans were good, not too terribly sweet with quite a bit of meat in it.
All in all, I think this is some really good bbq - it suits my taste really well and it 's a lot closer to home the Philip's or Hoggly Wooggly's.

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  1. have you been to the bbq place on willow near magnolia? it's got pretty good flavor, though the texture seems pre-boiled.

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    1. re: FED

      No, I haven't. I'll have to check it out!

      1. re: FED

        I think you're referring to R&W BBQ. It's on the corner of the street, a tiny little shop with 2 tables inside. It seemed like mostly a take-out place. I went there once, I think I ordered a pork rib & sausage combo, if I remember correctly. I remember the BBQ being good, but not outstanding. Worth a visit if you're in the area, but not worth driving out of your way more than 10 miles to visit.

        I think I drove by LBQ BBQ once when I was in the area recently, but my co-worker was with me at the time and didn't like the hole-in-the-wall-ish appearance of the place. We ended up at Papa's Western BBQ in Los Alamitos that day.

        I'll probably have to try LBQ BBQ on my own in the future when I'm in the area again.

        1. re: eglbc

          Johnny Reb's definitely has better and more variety of sides (LBQ only had beans, macaroni and potato salad and slaw), but the bbq at LBQ was much better. Haven't tried LBQ's cole slaw, but I'd be interested as I'm quite particular when it comes to slaw.

          1. re: SoCalMuncher

            Yeah, the Brunswick stew at Johnny Rebs is one of the best side dishes I've had at any BBQ place.

        2. it is R&W and since i live in the neighborhood, it's good for a fix ... particularly in the summer when they're finishing the Q outside and the wind is blowing in the right direction. i like johnny rebs' pulled pork, but i have to say the other bbq leaves me cold. i am a great fan of their fried foods, though. best fried catfish anywhere.

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            Fed, we must be neighbors. Love Johnny Rebs fried chicken and the fact that they serve RC cola. Pulled pork good, fried green tomatoes delish. Also, doing the chicken dance on your birthday and kissing the golden pig-priceless.

          2. yup. we made my daughter do the chicken dance for about 4 straight birthdays when she was a teenager. kept her humble, well, humble-er. Johnny Rebs also does a pretty good breakfast on the weekend (particularly when bake 'n' broil is standing room only). i stand by my criticism of their non-pulled bbq, though.

            1. LBQ BBQ (is that the correct name?) and address (also, is it in los alamitos or long beach or rossmore area.) thanks.

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              1. re: kevin

                1782 Martin Luther King Jr Ave.
                LB CA
                Closed Sundays.