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Feb 28, 2007 01:20 PM

How to keep food cold minus ice or ice packs

Ok so were going to flying for 4 hours during the lunch time. I would like to bring some food like sandwiches. Since you can not take any kind of liquid through security, I was wondering what else would work?

I was thinking frozen grapes or taking empty gallon baggies and seeing if I can get ice after security from maybe a fast food place? Any other ideas?

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  1. your sandwich wil be fine without ice

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    1. re: MVNYC

      I am very picky about keeping a mayo/meat sandwich cold. The sandwich will be made around 6 am and we'll eat around noon. I feel 5-6 hours without cold could cause problems, and who needs to start a vacation sick.

      1. re: Kari

        Your sandwich will be fine without ice but if still want to keep it chilled, buy a small cooler, they make them similar to lunch box size and totally collapsable. Think an insulated brown bag. Then on your way to the airport back a bag of ice in a ziplock bag and stuff it in the cooler. Toss it before going through security and then grab more ice and put in the now empty bag or you could also just buy a cold bottle of water, soda, iced tea, etc once you are by your gate . Place it in cooler, voila, you have a chilled sandwich till you're ready to eat.

    2. The no liquid rule has been slightly relaxed.

      When I go hiking I put the sandwiches in the freezer. By lunch time they'd have defrosted.

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        Yes the rule has been slightly, as in the 3 1 1 rule. No more than 3 ounces in a one quart plastic bag per person, so Ice or gel packs would be out.

        Do you freeze the sandwich with the meat/cheese/mayo on it?

      2. How about instead of doing a meat sandwich you do veggies or PB&J. Or sometimes I just bring an assortment of snacks - veggies, pretzels, nuts, fruit etc and use that as my lunch

        1. put your cooler in the freezer or fill it with ice water and then dump befor adding cold food Anything else that can be chilled should be. Your cooler will hold that cold for quite some time.
          Also, your worry about mayo is realistic but maybe pack on the side in packets - that amount of liquid is allowed if packed properly. chill everything else and you should have nice sandos

          1. Get some of those little mayo packets from a fast food place. Freeze them the night before you leave. Make sandwiches without the mayo and pack the frozen packets with them. When thawed, spread on sandwiches and eat without fear.

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              Those mayo packets sit in warehouses and in supply rooms for months with out being frozen. Did you ever look at mayo that has been frozen and defrosted? Nasty! Freeze your sandwich if you must not the mayo packets. Commercial mayo is safe at room temperature for several hours, it is loaded with preservatives, if you are going to use homemade then that is something else.