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Feb 28, 2007 01:16 PM

annisa----worth the splurge????

need a great place downtown. thanks

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  1. IMHO no, annisa is not worth the money. I would rather go for Sumile for similar style food but executed much better and much tastier. If you can specify what exactly you are looking for (price range, type of food, ambiance, number of people, etc.) that will help other chowhounders to chime in for more suggestions.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      agreed. not worth it. the food is okay but not as good as I expected (value-wise) and the room is terrible.

    2. looking for outstanding food in an impressive setting, preferably with an asian/fusion bent for 2 in the 100$ pp range total with drink(s). thanks

      1. I must respectfully disagree with Kobetobiko on this one. IMHO, my tasting meal at Annisa was one of the best I have had in NY. I highly suggest it -- and do the wine pairing also.

        1. Do a search on Annisa in Chowhound and you will find mixed reviews. The time I went there I thought the food was good but not great. They only had a dish or two that stood out but the rest was very mediocre. I think they had the same menu since they opened and never changed - so boring. With so many asian fusions in town Annisa will not get my vote. The service was pretty chaotic the time I went.

          Sumile also serves kind of Japanese-French fusion, but IMO the execution of "fusion" is much better than Annisa. They have and they even have sake-matching tasting meals in March, and it is only $55! Such a great deal! Their normal tasting menus come in $65, $80, $100, and $120 (without drinks), so you can adjust your orders accordingly. Taste-wise, I think it beats Annisa by a few notches. Jean Georges just mentioned in New York Magazine that the chef of Sumile, Josh DeChellis, as one of the 3 best young chefs in NYC. Here is the link:

          I don't know if kiworan79 has been to Sumile before, but based on my experienes to both restaurants, Sumile over Annisa, no doubt.