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Feb 28, 2007 01:14 PM

Thai in Redondo or PV

Looking for a great Thai restaurant in this area, this is for out of town guests who grew up there. Would like to find one which is upscale, somewhat of a destination, occasion place.

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  1. Chaba Thai Bay Grill
    525 S. Pacific Coast Hwy. (Ruby St.)
    Redondo Beach, CA 90277

    It's a little more pricier than your typical Thai place, but nice ambience and food.

    1. I'd only add that Chaba is fusiony, not classic, traditional Thai. But my rhetorical question is: why take Thai nationals who are visiting LA to eat food they eat all the time at home? Why not try something uniquely Los Angeles-y? Just a thought.

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      1. re: buttermarblepopcorn

        I couldn't agree more... why fly all the way to LA to get more Thai food which is probably not even close to what they would expect? But then again, I have in-laws in Malaysia who visit, and what do they want to eat? Malaysian and Chinese food. Go figure... Are these Thai guests open to any other suggestions? Maybe even some fusion-type places like Orris? Maybe even a place like Axe or Opus? Or maybe even izakaya at one of the many Japanese restaurants discussed on Chowhound? There's gotta be something else that you can expose them to...

      2. Thanks for the Chaba reco, been meaning to try it since Rumplestiltskins (sp?) closed. BTW, I stated "grew up there" (no mention of Nationals) which was during the Vietnam era and now lives in Atlanta.

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        1. re: kanohli

          Ohhhh... I haven't been, but I would think looking up posts for Wat Thai in NoHo would make for a really good outing... I know it's not South Bay, but this would be a truly nostalgic experience for them. Good Luck!

        2. Phuket Thai isn't upscale but it's not a shack either. somewhere in between and i've always had really delish meals there. it's on 190th and PCH.

          1. Thai Thani on PCH and Avenue D ,I think in Redondo Beach. Very nice , good service,
            usually everting is pretty good . I think you will like it.