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Feb 28, 2007 12:50 PM

BA - Puerto Madero

I've heard that the food around Puerto Madero is not that good. The "famed" Las Lilas gets either rave reviews or slamed as too touristy and expensive. Well, I tried somewhere different on my current, short trip to BA.

At Bahia Madero in Buenos Aires, my first meal of this quick trip. Dinner is fried provolone with EVO and fresh herbs ($4). Broccoli with cheese ($3.5). Two 8 oz filet mignon with mushroom/red wine sauce ($12.50). One bottle of Terrazas Malbec ($16)

Incredible meal!!!!!

The beef was every bit as good as Las Lilas where the filet was $20.

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  1. It isn't that the restaurants in Puerto Madero aren't good. Even Las Lilas is good. It's just that you pay a premium price for dining in the neighborhood. Bahia Madero is good - and while not completely overpriced like Las Lilas, it's more than you'll pay for an equally good steak in many other locales in the city. On the other hand, for tourists with limited time to explore, Puerto Madero is easy, because there is a wide variety of restaurants there, and you can also generally count on someone in the restaurant being able to communicate in English, since they cater to tourists.

    1. I was disappointed in the Puerto area. TOO touristy and mediocre for the price. It was recommemded by hotel staff. Turned out to be a Buffet, which was the last thing I wanted or needed. Am certain, that I will be introduced to the better foods by a local expert during the next two week trip. I am willing to bet, we won't set foot in Puerto restaurants.

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        I'll be waiting for the recs, heading there in April.

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          I would hope so. On the other hand, there are few buffets that I know of in Puerto Madero. No doubt your hotel staff received a commission from the particular spot recommended, a common occurence here - and in many cities.

        2. Never ate at any buffet in Puerto Madero....

          1. I had an AMAZING steak at Lilas, it was the 50ish Peso standard steak they had, i forget the name...theres also a really good "Tenedor Libre" (Free Fork) which is basically an all you can eat style place that costs around 30 Pesos ($10)...the all you can eat places in BA are amazing