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Feb 28, 2007 12:39 PM

Dinner Recommendations Needed - 25 people (downtown)

Any recommendations for a group dinner - about 25 people? Preferably within walking distance of the WAC. Thanks.

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  1. It's not very chow-ish, but Wild Ginger could probably accomodate 25 people and is 3 blocks from the WAC.

    1. The communal table at Tavolata seats up to 40 and they only reserve for lg. parties. There is a cellar room at Ruth's Chris with a large communal table....same with Il Fornaio at Pacific Place. Andaluca will cater you in a private dining room at the Mayflower Park Hotel and usually waive any room fee with min. purchase. 6/7 Restaurant at The Edgwater Hotel also has a great private room off the main restaurant, and it is literally on Puget Sound.

      1. steelhead diner (pine street just west of first avenue - 206/625-0129) has a private dining room that could easily accomodate your group - they are closed mondays