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Feb 28, 2007 12:38 PM

$ no object in Scottsdale

If money is not a concern, please tell me the best places in Scottsdale for great food and service to entertain clients and friends.

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  1. My first pick is Roaring Fork. Cowboy Ciao is also wonderful. Both will impress your clients.

    1. If money is truly no object, Mary Elaine's, at The Phoenician.

      1. Mary Elaine's


        Ocean Club

        1. Ocean Club and Drinkwaters both offer a big city atmosphere, great food and service. Just outside Scottsdale, and a little more of an "Arizona" experience - Lon's at the Hermosa and T. Cooks at Royal Palms are both unique and very good. Mary Elaine's is top notch, but it might be a little too formal for entertaining a group. Good luck.


          1. Seth is right on - any of those three are perfect. I might also add Vu.