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$ no object in Scottsdale

If money is not a concern, please tell me the best places in Scottsdale for great food and service to entertain clients and friends.

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  1. My first pick is Roaring Fork. Cowboy Ciao is also wonderful. Both will impress your clients.

    1. If money is truly no object, Mary Elaine's, at The Phoenician.

      1. Mary Elaine's


        Ocean Club

        1. Ocean Club and Drinkwaters both offer a big city atmosphere, great food and service. Just outside Scottsdale, and a little more of an "Arizona" experience - Lon's at the Hermosa and T. Cooks at Royal Palms are both unique and very good. Mary Elaine's is top notch, but it might be a little too formal for entertaining a group. Good luck.


          1. Seth is right on - any of those three are perfect. I might also add Vu.

            1. Binkley's in Cave Creek but if you want to impress...he will not disappoint

              Sea Saw call and request the special omakase

              Vu VERY GOOD will not let down

              1. I would append Kai to this list.

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                  you are right...I keep forgetting to add them

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                    Just a note that Kai is located in Chandler so it may not fit the needs of the OP.

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                      Good point. Of course, many of the other places named in this thread are actually in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, or Cave Creek, but those are generally within a mile or two of the Scottsdale border.

                      It seems a lot of visitors ask about Scottsdale when they really mean "Phoenix Metro Area," and there's always the question of how far north or south in the very tall city of Scottsdale.

                      With all that in mind, maybe the OP, breakaway, could address the following:

                      Where you'll be staying in Scottsdale and how far you are willing to drive. Is distance no object, like money? Or, are you looking to stay within a certain radius of a particular location?

                    2. I think you should consider "Michaels at the Citadel" and try to get the "Chef's Table"
                      and it will impress any foodie.............

                      1. Good feedback here. Have to agree with Molto E. Sea Saw special omakase with Nobu is unbelievable.

                        And just went to Binkley's for the first time & was blown away. Seth Chadwick above has a great review on this site of it. Our experience really had no downside at all though.

                        Definitely want to do Kai. Next on the list.