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Feb 28, 2007 12:30 PM

Savory quick breads?

I often make pumpkin or banana bread and was wondering if anybody has any good savory quick bread recipes. I'm not that into sweets and was thinking something with cheese, garlic, rosemary, etc. might be interesting. Thanks.

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  1. I actually posted this topic a few weeks ago: The King Arthur link doesn't work, but if you go to their website, and go to the recipes, then click on "Biscuits, muffins & quickbreads" and then click on "Quickbreads & batter breads", it will take you to a whole slew of recipes.

    1. Today's LA Times Food Section has interesting savory quick bread recipes. Check it out.

      1. Today's NY Times food section has an article from Mark Bittman on this same subject.

        1. Thanks so much! I tried a search before posting, but you know how that goes.

          1. If you like pumpkin bread, try omitting the sugar (you can leave a couple tbsp) and adding curry powder.

            A friend of mine also made an awesome bread using a basic batter and adding soup mix and grated cheese.

            And you can never go wrong with a few sundried tomatoes.