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Feb 28, 2007 12:28 PM

México Eats: Polanco and Condesa?

Looking for some fine eats in these two neighborhoods of the DF. I've been to Águila y Sol and loved it. What about Izote? Other places that I've left out?

Also, would love to find some good places to go with work colleagues in Condesa. Any suggestions?

Both are expense account situations, if that's any help.


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  1. We were invited to Contramar in Februrary, 2004. It was a long wait to sit in a very noisy hall, something like an airplane hanger. I did not order wisely, as I ended up have 5 large scallops with a tapenade sauce on the side, and an order of rice. The dessert was good.
    Our hostess had this attractive tuna dish.

    1. Izote is fabulous, although it's not in Condesa. It's in Polanco, and it's a do-not-miss.

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      1. re: cristina

        Okay - Izote or Pujol, if you had to choose one?

          1. re: Maya

            I've been to both. I choose Pujol. But, they're both good, I don't think you'd go wrong with either one.

        1. There aren't many true expense account restaurants in La Condesa, although there is very enjoyable dining. The one I would say stands out is Bistrot Mosaico. Roma has a few you might try - Contramar for lunch, Tierra de Vinos and La Tecla for either.

          You're more likely to find the real superstars in Lomas and Polanco (and Santa Fé, but that's a trek during rush hour... well, almost all day)... in Lomas you can head to Cardenal, Naos, Bakea.

          You've got some of the Polanco standbys listed. I would add Bellaria if you are into well-done, decently priced Italian, Ivoire (French/African influences)...

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            Hi Guera.... what is good in Santa Fe? I just remember Ruth Chris's Steakhouse & other "upscale" chains.

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              You are right - it's mostly chains and outposts of successful restaurants from Polanco and La Condesa.

              The great new one is La Mar - new outpost of Gastón Acurio's restaurant in Lima, Peru. Friend from Lima swears it's just like original, which most people swear is one of Lima's best.

              La Brássica - New England food, for those of us who get homesick.

              Neither are cheap, though not more than AyS, I suppose. La Mar could be cheap depending on how much you ate.

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                It's more 'ethnic' than 'fine dining' as this thread seems to be about, but Kohinoor (G. González Camarena 999) is a great Indian restaurant in Santa Fe.

                As a vegetarian living in Mexico, I find it is hard to come by decent vegetarian restarants that are not mere extensions of health food shops, with offerings that tend to taste of cardboard. Indian restaurants, which are usually a reliable source for vegetarian options, are even fewer and far between. Kohinoor is not strictly vegetarian by any means. It is very traditional though, and they offer delicious food in a nice atmosphere.

                1. re: iamcrispydammit

                  How can you have a hard time finding vegetarian in Mexico? Try the fondas.... if you are a full time vegetarian its even more to focus on an adequate amino acid distribution... something that is seldom accomplished in vegetarian restaurants.

            2. Silly question, but is there any way to make reservations at Aguila Y Sol online? I thought I had seen their website but could not find it when searching this time... Also trying to figure out if they're open on Sundays.

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                Aguila y Sol is open Tuesday through Saturday, 1.30PM till 11.30PM. It's open Sundays from 1.30PM until 6.00PM.

                They have no website or email address. The phone number is 55-5281-8354.

                Maya, if you can decide when you'd like your reservations, let me know and I'll call them for you.

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                  Thank you! I will email you - is your email address somewhere on your profile that I can't find?

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                    No...and I'd put it there, but I don't know how. It's

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                      you can put your email in the 'real name' section; just identify it as such. See my profile for an example.

              2. DO, Denominacion de Origen, on Hegel street 406 in Polanco, is very likely the best Spanish restaurant in Mexico City. It's possibly a bit cheaper than places like Aguila y Sol, but the food is amazing, and they have a very extensive wine selection. Highly recommended.

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                1. re: JoakimZiegler

                  And, although I've not been there, the photographs I've seen of it make it look at once funky and beautiful. I was really wanting to go there when I was in Polanco over Christmas, but fear of going to the trouble and expense of getting there only to find that there was little selection for vegetarians kept me away. The same thing was true of Izote. I've read nothing but shining reviews of both those places, but it's rare when a food critic delves into the accessibility of a restaurant to those with dietary restrictions. If all I can get is a small salad when I go to a restaurant, it doesn't matter if it is the highest-rated joint in town. It's not worth it to me.

                  Can you (or anyone here) tell me if either of those two restaurants have enough vegetarian options (more than one or two things to choose from) to make it worthwhile for me to check them out?

                  1. re: iamcrispydammit

                    Well, the Spaniards like their meat (Jabugo ham at DO is amazing), but there are at least a few things you could try at DO, one is the eggplant lasagna, which I like a lot, although I'm not sure it's 100% vegetarian. It has no obvious animal products in it, but it's not always easy to tell. I think there are at least a couple of other things on the menu that at least seem vegetarian.

                    I don't know Izote, so I can't help you out there.