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Feb 28, 2007 12:17 PM

Help with Tucson Italian

I think I've narrowed it down to 3 places

trattoria pina

can anyone help me pick one of these 3 for a nice not to expensive italian dinner. I've heard a lot of good reviews about vivace but nothing on the other two. If anyone has been to all of them I would appreciate some feedback. thanks

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  1. Vivace is my favorite. Tavolino is very good, as well, but lacks the atmosphere and "specialness" that epitomizes Vivace. Trattoria Pina has never been better than throroughly average.

    1. Another great italian restaurant is Primo @ Star of the best I's had!

      1. I've been to all three. I will say, that from that list, you will not be disappointed, regardless of your choice. Vivace does the intimate dining thing best. They're a larger restaurant, have a much better bar and wine list.

        Tavolino has the best, and most authentic, Italian food... but they're small, and a little crowded. Their menu is structured in a very traditional Italian manner, with Piati Primi and Secundi, and traditional antipasti. They are best enjoyed when you have an extended period for dinner and can take the time to linger and enjoy the meal. Their greatest fault is their unimaginative and simply adequate dessert menu (though they do make a great espresso).

        Trattoria Pina is somewhere between the two, and doesn't quite capture the charm of either restaurant.

        If there are any Italian dishes or styles of which you are particularly fond? That might be the best guide to which restaurant you choose (for instance, if you love pasta, Tavolino is the place to go... if you crave a fantastic osso bucco, Vivace will serve you best.)