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Feb 28, 2007 12:14 PM

Vegas Steakhouse

Going to Vegas in couple of weeks, need to decide among Morton's Steakhouse, Smith & Wollensky or Lawry's....

Any suggestions

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  1. My absolute favorite is N9ne at the Palms.

      1. Really? Why those 3 just out curiosity? I would rather choose between Craftsteak, Stripsteak, or N9ne - and choose in that order as well. It just seems that you can eat at Morton's in just about any large city in the US and S&W is not far behind. Lawry's would only be in the equation if you were looking for prime rib since most steakhouses in Vegas do not offer that.

        But if you are bent on those 3, then I would choose S&W.

        1. My friend is the one who chose those 3, she is not too familiar with what Vegas has to offer... but we are open to any suggestions

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          1. re: huei2

            my order - n9ne, delmonico's, stripsteak, craftsteak, prime....of the "major" steakhouses, i've yet to hit del frisco and SW...personally i found smith wollensky to be one of the worst steakhouses i've ever been to - morton's is ok and i've yet to hitlawry's...though i've been in los angeles ...oh yeah...and i still need to hit capital grille...i believe that's a steakhouse.

            1. re: kjs

              I went to Del Frisco's for a bachelor party a while back. I wasn't that impressed. We had the private room in the back and the service and food was only about average for that level steakhouse. We weren't even loud or drunk, everyone was sober before dinner and we averaged maybe half a bottle between all of us.

              I got into a bit of an argument over my rib eye steak with the server. I had specified rare to blue if possible. It came out more medium rare. Furthermore the cut was more like a NY strip. I didn't want to raise too much of a fuss due to the large party but the server was being condescending telling me that it was the cut closer to the NY strip and still considered a rib eye, that they had people asking about that all the time but it was still a rib eye. His whole attitude was shouldn't have I known better than to question the cut. I wouldn't go back.

          2. Is a coat and tie requried at any of the steakhouses in kjs's post?