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Feb 28, 2007 12:10 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Locations in Ft. Lauderdale

Hi everyone! I just signed up on this site today and it looks like you've got a great thing going here! I live in St. Pete/Tampa and am planning my brother's wedding (he lives in Ft. Lauderdale). Does anyone have any recommendations for Rehearsal Dinner locations in Ft. Lauderdale?

There will probably be about 50 people and it is going to be in November, so the weather should be nice. They were thinking about something beachy but A1A is so dang busy (from what I have seen) that I think it's best if they don't do anything right off of there. They want something casual but sophisticated. They have even talked about bringing in a steel drum band to play during dinner. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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  1. Bimini Boatyard on 17th Street in Ft. Lauderdale is on the water and has a nice private party room. It sounds like it might be just right for your party.

    1. Sea Watch, on the beach, Lauderdale-Pompano border has a private room which will hold about 50. Great atmosphere!

      1. Try Casablaca Cafe on A1A- I recently went to 50th birthday party there and they did a great job.

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          Thank you. I have done a little research and saw several posts on a Fodor site that there is a 3K minimum with any larger party. Did you run across this?

        2. Depends what's important. Give me a better idea and I will come up with some options. If you want to do something casual and fun you can try Taverna Opa. If you want to go Upscale there is Trina which has a nice room across from the Ocean. Johnny V's may work too.
          I will give this some more thought

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            Okay thanks. I think they are looking to spend no more than 3k (and they would like to be able to have an open bar, or at least beer and wine). Not sure if upscale would be what they are looking for since they want to have a more casual atmosphere. They are doing their actual wedding and reception on a yacht so I think they are trying to keep the whole water and beach theme going for the weekend.

            We went to this one restaurant on A1A out on the beach that had these swinging benches and tables. They liked the feel of the restaurant (it being open, close to the water, casual, beachy, etc.) but it was so loud with all of the traffic, a little too casual, and plus the manager said they don't do private parties there.

            They would also like to hire a steel drum band to play at the dinner, so the restaurant would have to be able to accommodate something like that. Outside OR inside dining is okay.

          2. I am having an event for the same number of people at The River House. They've been great to work with so far and the food is very good. We've eaten dinner there. It's right on the river off Las Olas and they have a lovely patio and many rooms to choose from. go to their website to see pics.

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              That's actually the one place I checked out when I was down there. It was amazing, of course, but very expensive. Also, I think it is a little too elegant for what they are wanting. If it was my wedding though, I would have it there in a heartbeat!

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                They pretty much stick to the prices in the catering menus they give you for review, right? Do you mind me asking what your budget is?