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downtown Los Angeles hip new good food place

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Need suggestions---and don't want a stuffy place like the water grill

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  1. Try the EDISON (in the same loft complex). Good bar and scene, although the menu is limited the burger I had the other day was quite good. www.edisondowntown.com

    Also, J RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE is pretty good. Must try the bread pudding. http://jloungela.com/

    1. ipse - what's the price range of Edison? The wines are impressive but there are no prices on anything. Looks really cool, tho.

      Clare K.

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        Most of the drinks, including the cocktails, run anywhere between $11 and $15. Not cheap, but they're strong. Service is quick. I go there mainly for their selection of single malts.

        Food is overpriced. If I recall correctly, most of the sandwich/burgers will generally require an Andrew Jackson c-note rather than one with an Alexander Hamilton on it.

        I would check it out just for the decor and scene and grab a quick drink, if nothing else. Quite the vibe.

        No cover.

      2. Royal Claytons on Industrial... http://www.chowhound.com/topics/331765,


        1. Don't know how new is new, but Engine Co. No. 28 was really good.

          1. Blue Velvet is exactly what you are looking for
            They do not have a website yet, but you can find a review at http://www.downtownnews.com/articles/...
            Engine Co 28 is not new, tragically unhip and I find the food disappointing and the service worse. I liked it when I first started working downtown 10 years ago.

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              I second Blue Velvet. Beautiful scene and the flatbread I had there at lunch the other day was very good. You might also look into Royale, although that's not exactly downtown.