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Feb 28, 2007 11:43 AM

downtown Los Angeles hip new good food place

Need suggestions---and don't want a stuffy place like the water grill

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  1. Try the EDISON (in the same loft complex). Good bar and scene, although the menu is limited the burger I had the other day was quite good.

    Also, J RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE is pretty good. Must try the bread pudding.

    1. ipse - what's the price range of Edison? The wines are impressive but there are no prices on anything. Looks really cool, tho.

      Clare K.

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      1. re: Clare K

        Most of the drinks, including the cocktails, run anywhere between $11 and $15. Not cheap, but they're strong. Service is quick. I go there mainly for their selection of single malts.

        Food is overpriced. If I recall correctly, most of the sandwich/burgers will generally require an Andrew Jackson c-note rather than one with an Alexander Hamilton on it.

        I would check it out just for the decor and scene and grab a quick drink, if nothing else. Quite the vibe.

        No cover.

        1. Don't know how new is new, but Engine Co. No. 28 was really good.

          1. Blue Velvet is exactly what you are looking for
            They do not have a website yet, but you can find a review at
            Engine Co 28 is not new, tragically unhip and I find the food disappointing and the service worse. I liked it when I first started working downtown 10 years ago.

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              I second Blue Velvet. Beautiful scene and the flatbread I had there at lunch the other day was very good. You might also look into Royale, although that's not exactly downtown.